W88 Thai Hi Lo Beginners Guide

Are you interested in experiencing Thai Hi Low from your desktop or smartphone? Look no further than W88 Casino & Sportsbook, a prominent betting institution in Malaysia. This brand has grown exponentially throughout the last decade, with thousands of residents from Malaysia creating an account due to W88 Casino’s & evident focus on Asian-themed games like Thai Hi Low.

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As such, new punters are regularly interested in creating an account to experience Gameplay Interactive’s Thai Hi Low. Therefore, an informative guide has been provided below with an explanation on how to access Thai Hi-Lo at W88 Casino. Moreover, we’ll educate readers on the gameplay mechanics and betting requirements involved with this game.

How to Play Thai Hi Low at W88 Casino

Participating in W88’s Thai Hi Low requires that players register an account beforehand. Therefore, personalized information must be provided to W88 Casino for verification purposes. That information includes your date of birth, name, address, telephone number and other assorted information. After completing the registration process with W88 Casino & Sportsbook, punters will need to select their preferred banking method.

It’s suggested that new players select to use the “Direct Bank Transfer” option with prominent institutions like Maybank, HSBC, CIMB, or Hong Leong. It’s required that when depositing for the first time, punters fund their account with the minimum amount of RM30. After these procedures have been completed, accessing Thai Hi Low is possible. All that’s needed is for players to select the “Games” category within the navigation menu at W88 Casino.

Three betting limits are supported within Gameplay Interactive’s Thai Hi Low. It’s important that novice punters understand the differences between the beginner table & professional table, as betting requirements involved with these tables are considerably different. For instance, punters competing at the professional level can wager upwards of RM5000 per hand. More information on the betting limits is provided below for interested players.

How to Wager in Thai Hi Low at W88 Casino

As previously mentioned, understanding the betting limits is essential for novice players that maintain a budget. Moreover, these betting limits determine the level of competition that’ll be sustained within each betting round. Therefore, an explanation of the betting limits and table options is provided below:

• Table One – Beginner Level: Minimum Bet of RM1 – Maximum Bet of RM500.

• Table Two – Intermediate Level: Minimum Bet of RM10 – Maximum Bet of RM1000.

• Table Three – Professional Level: Minimum Bet of RM50 – Maximum Bet of RM5000.

After players have mastered the skillsets needed to trigger significant payouts with Thai Hi Lo, selecting the professional level is recommended. When you’ve reached this level, payout margins should be substantially higher. However, payouts are never guaranteed. Thai Hi Low is ranked amongst the games of chance, meaning that losses are possible. We recommend that punters factor the possibility of losses into their bankroll, particularly when wagering at the professional level.

Thai Hi Lo Betting Options & Gameplay

The gameplay mechanics and betting options associated with W88’s Thai Hi Lo aren’t complicated. As such, anyone can understand the wagering requirements & betting manoeuvres. Despite that, some punters forget about the core gameplay aspects of Thai Hi Lo. For instance, some participants mistake the timeframe available for wagering. These individuals exceed the twenty second time limit for betting, resulting in their immediate disposal from the betting round. It’s essential that readers avoid making these mistakes when competing for payouts. Otherwise, losses could be sustained.

• Gameplay: Players must determine the total value of x3 Numbers on x3 Dice. High numbers are placed between 12 to 18, with low numbers being placed between 3 and 10.

• Betting Time: It’s stipulated that players have twenty seconds to select their bet & place their chips. Anyone unable to wager within that timeframe will opt out of that betting round.

• Betting Limit: It’s required that players remain within the betting limit of RM1 to RM5000. We recommend that players wager between RM10 to RM50, as these wagers won’t drastically affect their bankroll.

Once you have decided on a table limit, the betting options are quite diverse and are explained below. Subsequently, the list below explains the twelve wagering opportunities available to players. However, it’s recommended that if you are new to playing Thai Hi Lo, you consider practising on the demo version before risking your bankroll so that you are accustomed to the betting options

• Hi – 3 Dice totalling the sum of 12 to 13.
• Lo – 3 Dice totalling the sum of 3 to 10.
• 6 Lo – 3 Dice will all show the Number 6.
• 5 Lo – 3 Dice will all show the Number 5.
• 1 Lo – 1 Dice will have the Number 1 Face-Up.
• 3 Lo – 3 Dice will total the sum of 3.
• 6 Hi – 1 Dice will have the Number 6 Face-Up.
• 4 Hi – 1 Dice will have the Number 4 Face-Up.
• 11 Hi Lo – 3 Dice totalling the sum of Eleven.
• Specific One – Bet on 1 specific number to appear on the Dice.
• Specific Two – Bet on 2 specific numbers to appear on the Dice.
• Specific Three –Bet on 3 specific numbers to appear on the Dice.


Thai Hi Lo is an immersive and exciting experience at W88 Casino that offers a great opportunity for RNG type games.  By registering with W88, not only can you enjoy playing Thai Hi Lo, but you will find many other exciting games that offer an equally immersive and entertaining experience.

Moreover, with the 20% up to RM600 W88 Welcome Bonus, you can maximise your entertainment value by increasing your starting balance. Likewise, with the other promotional opportunities offered at W88, cashback bonuses, redeposit bonuses and other offers are always just a click away via the promotions page. Therefore, nothing should be stopping you from creating an account. Sign up today with W88 Malaysia Casino.

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