W88 Rewards Club – Redeem Your Points

W88 Casino has continued to improve the player experience since first launching in 2013. They have accomplished this task by creating the W88 Rewards Club, which was released alongside the casino. This program enables registered members to receive superior incentives & an amazing points exchange when betting with W88 Malaysia.

Moreover, exclusive benefits are provided to members, such as VIP promotions and merchandised products. This creates an enthralling experience that surrounds your overall time spent playing at W88.

Registering an account is required to compete within the W88 Rewards Club. However, creating an account shouldn’t discourage readers, as an RM600 Welcome Bonus is provided to new members. There are additional promotions provided to newcomers with the Monthly Reload Bonus & RM30 Free Bet. We recommend that consumers start with the RM600 Welcome Bonus, and then continue onwards to the various other promotions available with W88.

After accounts are registered and deposits are made, players can begin collecting points by wagering. It’s stipulated that one point will be earned with every RM200 that’s spent. You can collect those points throughout the year by participating in the W88 Live Casino, Sportsbook, Online Lottery, and Slot Machines. Once these points have been collected, players can redeem them for 25 Free Bets.

Exciting Rewards for VIP Members at W88 Malaysia

The W88 Rewards Club allows players to acquire sports merchandise & various products like a Samsung Galaxy S22. Unfortunately, punters can become overwhelmed when noticing how many points are required to obtain these products.

Although, we encourage you not to be discouraged by that figure, as W88 Reward Points can be collected throughout the year & redeemed at your convenience. To determine which benefits are provided to players via the W88 Rewards Club, look below.

• Free Bets
• Online Sales
• Sports Merchandise
• Smartphone & Tablets

It’s advisable that punters begin their experience with the W88 Rewards Club by opting into the 100% Reload Bonus for Spin the Wheel, as this promotion can distribute a maximum of 158+ points. Either way, participants are guaranteed to receive 50 Points when interacting with this promotion. Therefore, it’s the perfect start to collecting points at W88 Casino.

How to Explore The W88 Rewards Section

Registering an account is needed to participate in the W88 Rewards Club. Fortunately, the process of signing up isn’t challenging. Players need to enter basic information regarding their identity. Afterwards, deposits are required, and then punters can compete for W88 Reward Points. You can accomplish this task by following three steps:

• Step 1 – Sign Up: Create an account with W88 Malaysia by detailing your Name, Age, Address, Date of Birth, and Telephone Number.

• Step 2 – Login & Deposit: Enter your username & password to login. Afterwards, choose your preferred payment provider to deposit into your account.

• Step 3 – Explore the Rewards Club: Locate the W88 Casino Homepage to select the Rewards Club. This will allow punters to explore the VIP Levels, Rewards, and promotions that are available.

W88 Reward Levels

Understanding the VIP Levels is pertinent to playing with the W88 Rewards Club. For instance, five levels are supported for players within the W88 Rewards Club. However, an additional three levels are provided to VIP Members that have been invited to the Blue, Gold, Diamond, or Platinum Club. Below you’ll notice how many points are required to advance onwards.

As previously mentioned, W88 Malaysia has VIP Levels within their Rewards Club. It’s required for punters to maximize their payouts for the acquisition of points. Depending on the points obtained, VIP Levels will be increased. There’s a total of five levels available with the W88 Rewards Club and an additional three levels with the W88 VIP Club.

Look below to determine how many points are needed to advance yourself forward.

• Level 1 – 0% Rewards Redemption – No Points Needed
• Level 2 – 2% Rewards Redemption – Advance by Earning 168 Points in 30 days
• Level 3 – 3% Rewards Redemption – Advance by Earning 388 Points in 30 days
• Level 4 – 4% Rewards Redemption – Advance by Earning 518 Points in 30 days
• Level 5 – 5% Rewards Redemption – Advance by Earning 688 Points in 30 days
• Level 6 – 10% Rewards Redemption – Advance via Invitation to the W88 VIP Club
• Level 7 – 15% Rewards Redemption – Advance via Invitation to the W88 VIP Club
• Level 8 – 18% Rewards Redemption – Advance via Invitation to the W88 VIP Club

Collect Points – Redeem Points Via W88 Reward’s Catalogue

As previously mentioned, players can redeem their W88 Reward Club Points for a multitude of products & merchandise that consist of everything from 25 Free Bets to an iPhone 14 ProMax. In order to acquire these exclusive benefits, punters must follow a four-step process, as indicated below:

• Step 1 – Select the W88 Rewards Club via the W88 Homepage Menu.

• Step 2 – Pick Grab Best Deal to review the catalogue of merchandise & products.

• Step 3 – Choose the product you’d like to redeem via the W88 Rewards Club.

• Step 4 – Submit your Points Redemption with W88 Casino.

W88 Casino will immediately redeem points that players have converted through the W88 Rewards Club, and should any delays be experienced, they will be resolved with a customer support representative.

W88 Rewards Terms & Conditions for Prize Redemption

Players that register an account with W88 Casino and compete within the W88 Rewards Program will need to adhere by the Terms & Conditions. Refusal to follow these Terms & Conditions can prompt the immediate closure of your account. When participating with the W88 Rewards Club, the following terms and conditions apply:

• Points expire in Six Months for VIP Club Blue Members.
• Points expire in Twelve Months for VIP Club Gold Members.
• Zero expiration date for VIP Club Platinum & Diamond Members.
• Processing Reward Points can take W88 Casino upwards of 48 Hours.

We suggest that players review their account balance whenever they have earned W88 Reward Points. Determine how many points are currently in your balance, and then calculate how many additional points were added 48 Hours later. Any issues should be resolved by support representatives.


An enthralling & expansive experience is rewarded to players that register an account at W88 Casino. The W88 Rewards Club has proven that statement true, as numerous consumers have earned 25 Free Bets. Moreover, dozens of punters have converted their points to acquire an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Could you imagine having the same opportunity? It’s all possible with W88 Malaysia. Therefore, register an account today and receive the W88 RM600 Welcome Bonus. You won’t be disappointed with your decision.