W88 Guide to Playing Super Bull

First class betting & gameplay is available to players that register an account with W88 Casino, an online establishment that’s provided hundreds of gambling products to the Malaysian region since first launching in 2013. There are region-specific games that target niche markets, with Bai Cao and Xoc Dia being quick examples.

However, this upcoming guide focuses on Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull. It’s a unique title that shares similarities to Blackjack or Texas Hold’em, meaning that most punters should be capable of playing this game at a high level.

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Super Bull is accessible on Android, Windows, and Apple Products. Players can consume their gambling entertainment at W88 Casino from their smartphone or tablet, with desktops and laptops also being supported. It’s recommended that players register an account with W88 Casino to acquire one of the following W88 promotions, as it will enhance their initial experience.

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Below, our readers will locate a comprehensive & informative guide for Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull. Continue reading to find out more.

Rules for Playing Super Bull Online

Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull isn’t complicated, with the game sharing similarities to Poker or Blackjack. All that’s required is for players to compare their cards with other competitors and the dealer. Whoever maintains the highest ranking hand will stand victorious and trigger a payout.

• Each player receives 5 Cards that are divided into the right and lend hands.
• Left hands must be valued at multiples of ten. Right hands can maintain any value.
• Players and dealers will compare their cards each round. Whoever has the highest hand will acquire a payout.

The minor complexities of Super Bull begin with the payout combinations, as some punters might be unfamiliar with the Bull 8-9 or Bull 1-7. Fortunately, explanations have been provided below for novice readers.

Payout Combinations

Understanding the payout combinations in Super Bull is needed for unfamiliar players. Most people haven’t heard about this niche game, which prioritizes Asian betting markets like Malaysia. As such, there’s a learning curve to Super Bull. Players that need additional training with understanding the payout combinations can participate in a free-to-play version of Super Bull. For now, here’s a brief description into the payout combinations.

• Bull-Bull: This is considered the highest-paying hand in Super Bull. Players must maintain a King, Queen, Joker, or Ten in their hand to trigger the Bull-Bull payout. In return, players will receive 3x the amount they wagered in payouts.

• Bull 8-9: This winning combination requires that players maintain an Eight or Nine in their triggering hand. In return, they’ll receive payouts worth 2x the amount they wagered. This could result in payouts at 6 Coins or higher.

• Bull 1-7: Players triggering this payout combination will maintain a winning hand that was triggered with a card varying between one to seven. Punters that activate this payout combination will receive payouts at 1x their wager, meaning losses nor profits are sustained with a Bull 1-7.

• No Bull: (No Payout)

Losses are possible in Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull, as whenever sustaining a No Bull, as this is considered a loss in Super Bull. Fortunately, No Bull’s are rare compared to a Bull 1-7 or Bull 8-9.

Card Number Ranks

From highest to lowest, these are the following card number ranks in Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull: King, Queen, Joker, Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, and Ace.

When players maintain an identical card number in their triggering hand, they’ll want to compare the card suits. The suits are ranked as follows in Super Bull: Spade, Heart, Club, and Diamond. This means players with a spade-suited king and queen could have ample opportunity to trigger a x2 payout on their wager.

How to Access Super Bull at W88

Accessing Super Bull at W88 Casino is straightforward. It shouldn’t take longer than one minute for players to locate this game after loading the W88 Homepage, as they’ll find out below. However, it’s emphasized that players wanting to wager for real-money will need to register an account at W88 Casino. Without registration, players will be limited to the free-play services for Super Bull.

Follow our 3-Step Guide to locating Super Bull at W88 Casino. Additionally, readers can follow our direct link to W88 Casino & Sportsbook to begin and use the registration form to open an account. After creating an account, we recommend that punters take advantage of the 20% RM600 Welcome Bonus.

• Step 1: Visit W88 and Select Super Bull Under P2P Games

• Step 2: Select your Preferred Table at 1 Coin or 15 Coins.

• Step 3: Start Betting by selecting anyone from 1 Coin to 3 Coins per round

We suggest playing Super Bull on your Android Smartphone or iPhone, as visually speaking, the graphics are improved when playing on smaller screens. Players could find that Super Bull appears somewhat outdated on a 4K Monitor. Despite that, exciting gameplay is guaranteed to anyone that plays Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull.


Most people haven’t heard about Gameplay Interactive’s Super Bull. However, the obscurity surrounding this game hasn’t stopped hundreds of players from trying it out. Now there’s a small but loyal community that continues to play Super Bull for it’s fast-paced betting rounds and profitable payouts. The question is, will you become part of that community and experience the excitement surrounding Super Bull? Find out by registering an account with W88 Casino today.

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