Top Sports to Bet On in Malaysia with W88 Sports Betting Providers

W88 Malaysia has introduced an assortment of sportsbook-themed products to their consumers. There are three categories available to registered members, with those including the following:

• W88 A-Sports
• W88 V-Sports
• W88 E-Sports

Punters can wager on numerous sporting events when selecting from either of these categories. Moreover, new players can inquire about an RM218 Welcome Bonus at W88 Casino, and by receiving those funds, participants have additional opportunities via W88’s  Virtual Sports or Esports.

Moving forward, this article will educate punters about the various sporting opportunities at W88 Malaysia. Read onwards to learn about the football, cricket, basketball, and tennis options.

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W88 Sportsbooks

As previously mentioned, players can interact with three sporting rooms at W88 Malaysia. Those include W88 A-Sports, W88 V-Sports, and W88 E-Sports. It’s essential that newcomers understand the difference between these rooms.

For example, W88 A-Sports provides a standardized version of an online sportsbook. However, W88 V-Sports focuses on a virtual environment that’s created through RNG programs. Fortunately, explanations about each of the W88 sportsbooks have been provided below.

• W88 A-Sports

Traditional punters will prefer to experience W88 A-Sports, as there are dozens of live sporting events with standardized bets. You can watch live events themed around Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket, and Football, all of which can be streamed live via desktop or smartphone.

Punters are also required to wager a minimum of RM05 when betting in W88’s A-Sports. Fortunately, this wagering requirement is minimal when compared to other betting services in Malaysia.

• W88 V-Sports

Virtual Sports Betting has increased in popularity throughout the last decade. As such, W88 introduced an additional gambling room named W88 V-Sports. This gambling room incorporated an assortment of digital sporting events like Virtual Cricket, Virtual Horse Racing, Virtual Dog Racing, Virtual Soccer, Virtual Basketball, and Virtual Tennis.

Moreover, there are numerous other games at W88 V-Sports that bettors with a registered account and who deposit can compete at W88 V-Sports. Even better, if making your first deposit at W88. and you prefer virtual sports betting the RM218 Welcome Bonus is a great way to start betting.

• W88 E-Sports

There are two variations of the W88 E-Sports Room. One focuses on the Asian betting environment in Malaysia, while the other prioritizes European players and their respective markets. Punters that favour traditional betting with an online sportsbook should select the Asian version of W88’s E-Sports Room, while players preferring a modernized environment should select the European version of W88’s E-Sports section.

Top Sports to Bet On in Malaysia

Numerous sporting events are available to players that create an account with W88 Casino. Despite that, four games have dominated the betting landscape in Malaysia. Those sporting events consist of Basketball, Football, Cricket, and Tennis. We have provided brief descriptions of what players can expect when interacting with these sporting events at W88 A-Sports.

• Football: International sporting associations like the English Premier League, Chinese Super League, and Spanish La Liga are supported with W88’s Sportsbook. You can utilize an assortment of wagers like the Over & Under, Asian Handicap, Parlay, and Prop Bet. This variety allows participants to target their favorite football team with some incredible bets. In turn, profitable wagers can be earned.

• Cricket: W88 Malaysia allows registered members to wager on international cricket events. You can watch live matches from the Caribbean Premier League, Big Bash League, World Cup, and Indian Premier League. There’s additional footage supported with The Ashes. It’s noted that W88 Malaysia has incorporated various betting options into their cricket events. For example, punters can wager on the Top Bowler or Top Batsman. There are also outright payouts for the match winner.

• Basketball: Registered members at W88 Casino can interact with basketball sporting events, as they are streamed live from various leagues like the National Basketball Association. You can implement various wagers like the Point Spread, Money Line, or Parlay. There are additional betting options for the Match MVP and Outright Winner. There are numerous ways that winning combinations can be won via online basketball at W88.

• Tennis: W88 Malaysia has incorporated online tennis into their sportsbook products. Punters can wager on numerous sporting events throughout professional tennis, including the Australian Open and Wimbledon. There are additional events supported with the US Open, French Open, and BNP Paribas Open. It’s noted that while these events are live, punters can implement various wagers like the Money Line or Set Spread. Over/Under bets are also accepted.

E-Sports & Fantasy Sports at W88 Casino

eSports were not initially designed to cater to those who like to punt on sports, but ov the popularity of esports saw it become a betting option offered at sportsbooks like W88. However, over time, esports expanded to become its own genre of online betting named and that saw W88 Malaysia introducing eSports betting with the capabilities to stream events live.

W88 Casino also expanded its portfolio of sports betting opportunities to include fantasy sports, with many players preferring this version due to its being personalized & customizable. You can select from an assortment of fantasy sports leagues like the National Basketball Association or Spanish La Liga. After choosing which league is preferred, punters can select from their favourite teams and players. They’ll then compete against other players or AI Bots in various competitions.

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Tips & Tricks to Winning at W88’s Sportsbook

There are various options available to players that want to maximize their betting opportunities. For instance, betting strategies can be employed to accelerate the probability of payouts. Punters can also manage their bankrolls over a prolonged period to increase their playability time. Moreover, information about upcoming sporting events can be researched to optimize the chances of winning.

• Pre-Match Research: Examine the latest news & information regarding both teams on the sporting event you have chosen, as this will assist players in their betting strategy. Research also helps punters in their acquisition of payouts.

• Bankroll Management: Players that sign-up an account with W88 Casino are recommended to manage their finances when betting at the sportsbook. There could be unexpected moments within that sporting event where players want to double-down on their previous wagers. If all your funds have been spent on one bet, that won’t be possible.

• Betting Strategies: Learn about various strategies that are used with an online sportsbook. For instance, participants that prefer online football with the English Premier League are recommended to focus on the Moneyline bet, as you can wager on multiple events at once. This means numerous payouts could be earned within a two-hour period of time.


With the large number of sport types offered at W88, and the inclusion of W88 A-Sports, W88 V-Sports and W88 E-Sports, betting on sports at W88 is not only entertaining, but it can be quite lucrative. Along with live betting, streaming, above-average odds and generous sports-themed promotions, W88 has proven itself as a viable sports bettors paradise – Sign up and claim the W88 Sports Welocme Bonus today!

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