Spadegaming Jungle Revel Tournament – Win up to MYR 40,000!

W88 is celebrating the summer with yet another exciting promotion that is sure to get your heart beating a little faster. With 800,000 MYR up for grabs, this multi-week promotion is active from the 27th of July to the 1st of August and is open to all accepted currencies at W88 Casino, including MYR, CNY, THB, INR, IDR, AUD, USD, and VND.

In order to enrol and earn tournament points during the Spadegaming Revel Tournament, W88 members may only wager on the following Spade Gaming’s video slots: Gold Panther Maxways, Magic Kitty, Mega 7, Caishen Tiger Dance, Candy Candy, and Sugar Bonanza, Fiery Sevens.

Tournament Dates

• Week One – June 27th to July 4th, 11:59am
• Week Two – July 4th to July 11th, 11:59am
• Week Three – July 11th to July 18th, 11:59am
• Week Four – July 18th to July 25th, 11:59am
• Week Five – July 25th to August 1st, 11:59am

Depending on the amount you’ve wagered on Spade Gaming’s video slots, you’ll be able to earn the following points:

• 23000 VND – 100 Points
• 14000 IDR – 100 Points
• 1110 KRW – 100 Points
• 1.3 AUD – 100 Points
• 30 THB – 100 Points
• 75 INR – 100 Points
• 1 USD – 100 Points
• 4 MYR – 100 Points
• 6 CNY – 100 Points

The distribution of payouts will be made in the CNY, THB, MYR, INR, IDR, AUD, USD, VND, and MYR currencies. You cannot receive your winnings without selecting one of these currencies. It’s noted that Malaysian readers can trigger 160,000 MYR in payouts by participating in the Spade Gaming Jungle Revel Tournament. Look below to advise the prize structure.

Prize Structure

• 1st Place: 40,000 MYR
• 2nd Place: 32,000 MYR
• 3rd Place: 24,800 MYR
• 4th Place: 15,200 MYR
• 5th Place: 11,200 MYR
• 6th Place: 7,200 MYR
• 7th Place: 3,200 MYR
• 8th Place: 2,000 MYR
• 9th Place: 1,200 MYR
• 10th Place: 400 MYR
• 11th – 30th Place: 320 MYR
• 31st – 50th Place: 280 MYR
• 51st – 70th Place: 240 MYR
• 71st – 100th: 200 MYR

Terms & Conditions

• Leaderboard positions are changed when two players have similar scores. Whoever received those points first will acquire the higher leaderboard position.
• Participants may click the Tournament tab to read the rules and/or view their ranking.
• Payouts are distributed into player accounts without delay.
• General Terms & Conditions.


Register an account with W88 Casino to participate in the Spade Gaming Jungle Revel Tournament. You’ll receive various benefits after creating an account, like the Welcome Bonus and No Deposit. Anyone interested are welcome to follow our links for additional promotions & deals at W88 Casino.

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