Predicting Roulette Numbers at W88 Casino

Live Roulette has become an established game at W88 Casino, as thousands of players target wins per week. But are there methods to improving your number predictions in roulette? In short, yes. Players can increase their prediction accuracy by educating themselves on the various betting options with online roulette. Moreover, numerous tips & tricks exist to improve the playability of W88 Live Roulette.

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Utilizing these tips & tricks when wagering at W88 Casino is the best option players maintain to creating a strategy, as betting strategies don’t exist for live roulette. That’s because roulette is a game of chance, meaning players cannot execute specific bets to guarantee themselves a payout.  Since everything is based on luck, the suggestions provided below are meant to improve your knowledge of live roulette.

To create a basic for predicting roulette numbers, players must learn an assortment of techniques. For example, reviewing the previous results within the betting round can educate players on the preferred numbers. You could notice that red numbers are performing better than black numbers. As such, you would wager on the red numbers in hopes of triggering a payout. For more information on how to predict roulette numbers, look below.

Reviewing the Previous Results

As previously mentioned, players can improve their chances at predicting the correct numbers by reviewing the previous results from the last betting round. These results will show players which numbers are performing in the sub-categories. For instance, columns could be performing better than dozens. But in most cases, players will notice the following sub-categories:

• Red/Black
• Odd/Even
• High/Low

It’s essential that players educate themselves on these sub-categories before better, as winning patterns can be identified. Moreover, players will become more accustomed & regulated to W88 Live Roulette as they continue to review these sub-categories and the prior betting round results. It’s noted that as participants improve their predictions, hedge betting techniques can be employed. This would mean wagering on eighteen numbers at any given time.

Understanding the Roulette Wheel

Identifying the sub-categories isn’t possible without the roulette wheel. For instance, the roulette wheel is broken down into low numbers & high numbers. If players didn’t understand the difference, they wouldn’t be capable of identifying a winning pattern with the high/low sub-category.

Resultantly, the roulette wheel is comprised of low numbers ranked from 1-18, and high numbers ranked between 19-36. Moreover, these positioned numbers are categorized by an odd/even placement and they are also categorized in either red or black.

By mastering the roulette wheel, identifying winning patterns becomes straightforward. You shouldn’t have any complications afterwards.

Use Gambler Fallacy

Gambling fallacy is recommended when playing W88 Live Roulette. However, statistics from the prior betting round must suggest that gambling fallacy is at play. An example of fallacy would be Odd/Even numbers continually triggering for five consecutive betting rounds.

This would suggest the next payout will follow the Odd/Even pattern. But that doesn’t guarantee players a payout, as instinctually deciding which odd or even number will appear is needed. Therefore, gambling fallacy can be beneficial to start the next betting round.

Taking Breaks When Needed

Time management is essential when playing Live Roulette at W88 Casino, as the entertainment value associated with these games can distract participants from their playtime. There have been reports of punters playing for several hours or more without taking a break and in the process, depleting their bankroll.

Therefore, taking breaks when betting is recommended to recollect yourself. This break also allows punters to reassess the winning patterns within the previous results. As such, betting techniques can be changed to accommodate additional payouts.

Guide Yourself by Instinct

As previously mentioned, Live Roulette is considered a game of chance. That means instinctual betting is required from players. Sometimes the previous results won’t provide a guaranteed outcome, meaning that relying on instinctual betting could make the difference between a loss or win.

Since previous results will not guarantee a particular outcome, professional roulette players recommended looking for winning patterns in the previous betting round before making an instinctual bet. However, that could complicate the process. Sometimes gut instinct is needed to wager.

Observing the Dealer

Dealers at W88 Live Casino are streamed to players via webcam & microphone. Therefore, players maintain the option to observe these dealers. There could be small signs from the dealer that suggest certain numbers are performing better than others. For instance, punters show watch the dealers body language and eye movement to see any immediate changes.

These brief changes could enable punters to locate a previously unseen pattern. However, this requires practice to perfect and payouts are never guaranteed. Dealers could fool players by purposely making unexpected eye movements & body gestures. As such, this suggestion is more based on preference than necessity.

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Place Outside Bets, Not Inside Bets

Statistics show that players trigger more payouts when wagering on the outside bets than inside bets with Live Roulette. Therefore, punters are recommended to focus on Odd/Even or Red/Black numbers that are based within the outside wheel. This would require players to choose numbers between 1-18, with the likelihood of winning increase anywhere by 12% to 20%.

You should realize, that outside bets have reduced payouts when compared to inside bets. Therefore, players wanting to experience a risk-for-reward system with Live Roulette are recommended to select inside bets.

• Inside Bets can Payout the Maximum of 35:1
• Outside Bets can Payout the Maximum of 1:1

Tips & Tricks for Roulette Number Predictions

Predicting the numbers that appear on the roulette wheel is a challenging task. However, practising the various techniques we have mentioned can result in that task being accomplished. Therefore, players are recommended to select from W88’s demo mode roulette games.

This will enable punters to practice their prediction techniques without spending any money, as roulette demos are free to play. It’s noted that after time, punters can formalize a strategy that can be applied towards Live Roulette.

Another suggestion recommended to novices is spectating, as this feature is included at the W88 Live Casino. You can utilize the spectating feature to watch & analyze other players as they compete in online tournaments. By watching these individuals, various betting techniques are acquired. Players can then apply these techniques to their in-game playthroughs when playing Live Roulette at W88 Casino.

W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus

Players that register an account with W88 Live Casino can receive the W88 20% up to RM600 Welcome Bonus. Those accepting the welcome bonus will be required to complete the 15x rollover requirement before withdrawals are allowed. Moreover, this promotion is limited to the Club-W Grand at W88 Casino, and you must deposit a minimum of RM30 to qualify for this promotion.

Bear in mind W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus has terms & conditions that players must follow to qualify for withdrawals. Those conditions include:

• Voided or cancelled bets are excluded from the rollover requirement. This also applies to wagers made with selections at 0.5 to 1.50 Odds.
• Players must utilize this promotion within thirty days. Otherwise, the amount deposited and claimed will be forfeited to W88 Casino.
• W88 Casino maintains the right to terminate this promotion at any moment, either for an individual player or everyone.


Don’t be afraid when predicting numbers at W88 Live Roulette. The task isn’t complicated, as W88 Casino has made the process straightforward by allowing players to spectate other competitors & by allowing them to review the previous results of a betting round.

Moreover, with the RM600 Welcome Bonus for registering an account at W88 Live Casino, the promotional funds can be applied towards Live Roulette and could result in ample payouts being won. Only time will tell.

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