Playing Live Fan Tan at W88 Casino

Opening in 2013, W88 Casino has assembled various developers to create an expansive & exciting catalogue of games. There are more than 1000+ games available to registered members, which has allowed W88 Casino to grow exponentially throughout Malaysia. As such, various games have been provided that cater towards the Malaysian region. This include Fan Tan, an infamous gambling product that’s remained popular since the Qing Dynasty in China.

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Players can interact with Live Fan Tan at W88 Casino thanks to various technological advancements with desktops & smartphones. However, novice punters could become confused by the betting requirements and gameplay regulations associated to Live Fan Tan. Fortunately, explanations have been provided below for unfamiliar players. Read onwards to learn how Live Fan Tan is mastered at W88 Malaysia.

Introduction to Playing Fan Tan

Novice punters will need patience & understanding to master the betting requirements/gameplay regulations to Live Fan Tan. After educating oneself on the requirements, participating in this game will become straightforward. For those unfamiliar with Live Fan Tan, explanations on the wagering options & payout odds have been provided below.

Betting rounds within Live Fan Tan start with dealers uncovering a plastic dome, which reveals 50 to 70 Beads. These beards are separated into groups that range from one to four beads. By the process of elimination, players estimate how many beads are within that respective group. This means that Live Fan Tan is considered a game of chance, meaning you won’t be capable of implementing betting strategies to evoke additional payouts. Fortunately, five wagering options are at your disposal when playing this Live Casino Game at W88. Those include:

• Fan: Punters wager on single numbers. Guessing the correct number within that group prompts payouts at 3:1 Odds. The Fan has a 3.75% House Edge.

• Kwok: Players bet on two numbers. Guessing the correct numbers within that group causes a payout at 2:1 Odds. There’s a 1.25% House Edge with a Kwok bet.

• Nga Tan: Punters wager on three numbers, including a push number. Correctly guessing the Nga Tan will prompt payouts at 2:1 Odds. There’s a 1.25% House Edge with the Nga Tan.

• Nim: Place a wager on two numbers, with one being a push number. Guessing correctly will prompt payouts at 2:1 Odds. There is a 1.25% House Edge with the Nim bet.

• Sheh-Sam-Hong: Players bet on three numbers. Correctly guessing these numbers will prompt payouts at 1:3 Odds, with the Sheh-Sam-Hong having a 1.25 House Edge.

As previously mentioned, Live Fan Tan doesn’t require betting strategies to compete. However, Fan Tan does require stronger bankrolls. This means punters need to deposit higher amount than they would when wagering on Video Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, or Poker. That’s because there isn’t any guarantee of triggering payouts when interacting with Live Fan Tan. You need to account for potential losses before a significant prize is won.

Live Fan Tan Betting Rounds

You have learned the wagering options for Live Fan Tan. However, the process of betting has only begun. There are two betting rounds within every game of Live Fan Tan at W88 Malaysia. You’ll need to understand how these betting rounds work in order to maximize your opportunity at triggering payouts. We recommend novice readers take the following information seriously when participating in Live Fan Tan for the first time.

• Round One: Betting on Groups at W88

As previously mentioned, dealers will distribute 50 to 70 Beads into various groupings in Live Fan Tan. After those beads have been distributed, players have fifteen seconds to determine which selection is best for themselves. This means picking a preferred grouping, which could have anywhere from one to four beads. When you have decided which grouping is best, punters must drag their chips to that group. This will initiate the bet.

• Round Two: The Final Batch Bet

By the process of elimination, groupings will be uncovered until one remains. This moment is called the “Final Batch Bet” for anyone that’s reached this far. Whoever remains at the table will need to make an estimate on how many beads remain in this final batch. Those making the correct estimate will be handsomely rewarded.

How to Play Live Fan Tan at W88 Casino

Congratulations, you have learned the basics associated to Live Fan Tan at W88 Casino. However, you cannot start competing for payouts until registering an account with W88. We have identified the steps involved to signing up below. Moreover, information on how Live Fan Tan is accessed has been provided to readers. After you have completed the steps below, we recommend readers acquire the 20% RM600 W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus. You won’t be disappointed by the rewards this promotion can evoke.

• Step 1: Create an Account at W88 Casino

Visit W88 Casino to begin the registration form. You will need to enter personalized information consisting of your Name, Age, Address, Email, Number, and Banking Provider. It’s emphasized that by providing the wrong information, accounts could be terminated later on during the verification process.

• Step 2: Log in to Visit W88 Live Casino

After the registration form has been completed, players can login to their accounts. After logging in, players can interact with different parts of W88 Casino. This includes the various clubs in the W88 Live Casino. However, punters wanting to experience Live Fan Tan will need to access Club Evolution, as this is where they will find Live Fan Tan at W88.

• Step 3: Start Betting on Fan Tan

Select Live Fan Tan at Club Evolution to start betting. Players will need to deposit into their account before wagering. Fortunately, numerous banking options are supported with W88 Live Casino. You can deposit via banking institutions like MayBank or Hong Leong Bank. It’s stipulated that punters must fund their account with the minimum of RM30 to compete.


Since opening in 2013, W88 Live Casino has provided a revolutionary experience to anyone that participates. This extends towards Live Fan Tan, which has become popular throughout the Malaysian region with W88. We recommend that novice players start betting today, as Fan Tan continues to experience unexpected growth. So, why not sign-up an account today & receive the RM600 Live Casino Welcome Bonus? You won’t be disappointed.

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