Players Guide to Gao-Gae at W88

Gao-Gae maintains similarities to Texas Hold’em, meaning players with experience in online poker shouldn’t be challenged in understanding the gameplay mechanics & betting requirements. Despite that, uninitiated players require additional information on the betting rounds. Explanations have been provided to highlight the betting limits, card values, and winning hands in Gao-Gae.

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• Gameplay: Virtual dealers distribute three cards to players. You can Fold, Check, Call, Raise, or Bet when playing Gao-Gae. Automatic betting is also supported in Gameplay Interactive’s Gao-Gae.

• Card Value: 52-Card Decks are supported in Gao-Gae. The lowest valued card is a 10, with the highest valued card being a Nine. The complete order of cards are as follows. Ten, Joker, Queen, King, Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

• Buy-In: Players are required to buy-in with Gao-Gao. The buy-in limit varies between RM100 to RM500, with the amount selected being considered your playthrough bankroll.

• Betting Time: Players must select their wager within ten seconds of entering the upcoming round. This small timeframe makes for fast paced gameplay when playing Gao-Gae. It’s important that players learn the possible hands in their cards in a prompt manner to accurately wager.

Payouts are awarded through one of six hands in Gao-Gae, with these hands maintaining similarities to Texas Hold’em. Punters will notice that Straight’s and Flushes make an appearance. However, four additional hands can be won. The multitude of which include:

• Three of a Kind: This hand includes the 3 of Hearts, 3 of Diamonds, and 3 of Spades.
• Straight Flush: This hand includes the 9 of Spades, 10 of Spades, and Joker Spade.
• Three Pictures: Players need the Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, and King of Spades.
• Straight: Players require the Queen of Diamonds, King of Hearts, and Ace of Spades.
• Flush: This hand demands the Ace of Clubs, 10 of Clubs, and 2 of Clubs.
• Normal: Players need the 3 of Spades, Queen of Hearts, and 5 of Diamonds.

Payouts aren’t guaranteed when playing Gameplay Interactive’s Gao-Gae. There’s the possibility of losses being retained, as other punters are competing for the same prize. Similar to Texas Hold’em, Gao-Gae is played with a pot prize. Therefore, competitors with superior hands could have an advantage over our readers.

Fortunately, the maximum pot prize within Gao-Gae is RM60 per round. Don’t think you’ll be potentially losing access to hundreds of Malaysian Ringgits, as this isn’t the case.

How to Play and Access Gao-Gae at W88

Originating from Thailand in the 1980s, Gao-Gae became an iconic game throughout Asia. As such, numerous developers have been inspired to create their respective version of Gao-Gae for Asian markets like Malaysia. That’s where Gameplay Interactive’s Gao-Gae comes into effect at W88 Casino, as this version remains faithful to the Taiwanese variation.

Unfortunately, this game hasn’t dominated the betting landscape due to its obscurity compared to other titles like Texas Hold’em. Despite that, an unexpected resurgence has occurred for Gao-Gae.

Malaysian punters are becoming interested in Gameplay Interactive’s Gao-Gae. However, these individuals don’t know how to access this game. Therefore, we recommend readers look into our three-step Gao-Gae guide at W88 Casino. It shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to complete these steps.

• Step One – Sign Up: Players want to visit the W88 Homepage to register an account. This will require providing detailed information like name and address. After these details are verified by the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation, punters can deposit into their account with a preferred payment provider like MayBank or CIMB.

• Step Two – Select P2P: Login to your account to review the W88 Menu. From there, select the P2P Games Category. This will allow punters to access from an assortment of games, including Gao-Gae. You’ll need to select your preferred buy-in amount to participate in Gao-Gae, with the minimum being RM100 and the maximum being RM500. Afterwards, punters will need to wager RM10 per round.

• Step Three – Choose a Device: Two platforms are supported with Gao-Gae at W88 Casino. That includes a desktop platform compatible with  Windows OS and a Mobile Casino for iOS and Android smartphones. Players can compete with both platforms or select their preferred option based on convenience or lifestyle.

Bonuses at W88

Promotional assets are delivered to registered members at W88 Casino. These bonuses award players for their continued activity. For instance, new players can acquire the RM600 20% Welcome Bonus. The funds acquired through this promotion can be positioned towards Gao-Gae, with an assortment of other games also being supported. However, players wanting access to other bonuses can locate five additional bonuses, including:

• 100% RM600 Welcome Bonus for Slots
• 50% Dragon Tiger Rescue Fund
• 10% Daily Sports Reload Bonus
• RM400 Slots Cashback Bonus
• RM30 Free Credit

We recommend players review the Terms & Conditions of these promotions before enrolling into them, as rollover requirements are prevalent within each of these bonuses. The rollover could exceed your financial budget you’ve set adside for betting. Under those conditions, it’s best to avoid these promotions as withdrawing will become difficult.


Launching into Malaysia during the 2013 Fiscal Year, W88 Casino & Sportsbook has dominated the iGaming marketplace in this region. They’ve accomplished this task by providing an exceptional platform that distinguishes itself from the competition. Players considering registering an account won’t be disappointed with the promotional opportunities and growing library of games.

Otherwise, we hope this guide into Gameplay Interactive’s Gao-Gae has been informative for our readers. You maintain the knowledge needed to approach this game with confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Create an account with W88 Casino today.

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