Online Slot Guide for Beginners at W88 – Understanding the Basics

It may not come as a surprise that there are thousands of slots you can play at W88 Casino. Along with access to large-scale developers like Microgaming and Pragmatic Play, W88 offers a full library of classic slots, video slots, and progressive jackpot slots. Resultantly, if you are new to playing slots, our beginner’s guide to understanding the gameplay mechanics & betting requirements of online slots is a great starting point.


When you consider that online slots have been available since 1996, the technological advancements have only increased their entertainment value and led to them being accessible through Android and Apple Smartphones. Despite the availability & advancements, many are unfamiliar with the betting requirements or gameplay features, and therefore, it is essential to know the information contained within the guide we have included below.

Slot Payline Variations at W88

The first step to understanding slot payline variations is understanding that slots aren’t limited to 3 paylines, as all-way pay slots have become the norm. It’s believed that with more paylines comes an increased presence of payouts, and in most circumstances, that’s true. But video slots are constructed around a random number generator, meaning that payouts aren’t guaranteed as results are random and impossible to predict.

Newcomers are best suited to multi-payline video slots as the amount of paylines increases the probability of winning. Once you’ve understood the gameplay mechanics, progressive slots with 1024 paylines will provide ample opportunity, as will other slots known for their jackpot symbols.

Generally, winning payline combinations cannot be triggered unless certain symbols are connected in a winning formation. Moreover, you aren’t required to wager on a specific number of paylines unless the slot has a specific number of paylines that can be selected. The norm of today’s slot is a bet amount that covers all possible payline combinations versus the traditional method of identified payline activation.

We should mention that beginners should be aware that by activating more paylines, the cost associated with wagering is increased. If you were betting RM10 on 25 lines, the wager would be RM250., whereas if betting on 50 lines, that amount would increase to RM500.

Resultantly, when playing slots, you must consider your bankroll and determine the amount you can afford to bet versus the amount you may want to bet – by doing so, you can play responsibly and within your means, while still enjoying the entertainment value that is achieved when playing slots at W88.

Slot Features – What You Need To Know

Paylines aren’t the only thing beginners need to understand when they place wagers on an online slot at W88 Casino. What is also important is understanding how a slot is constructed and the mechanics that behind the slot machine. This includes understanding slot features, betting strategies, and return to player percentages.

• Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are customized to the selected slot. In most cases, these symbols will assist in the acquisition of payouts by matching symbols together. Several forms of the Wild Symbol complete the same task, but they are designed differently to modify the gameplay.

• Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols aren’t required to appear in certain combinations. Instead, these symbols can appear across the screen and distribute a payout. If you manage to have three scatter symbols appear in the same formation, free spins can be triggered depending on the selected video slot.

• Multipliers

Numerous forms of the multiplier exist. Most commonly, multipliers are activated when the scatter symbols and free spins are triggered. Any payouts won throughout the free spins can be multiplied by 10x their value. In most circumstances, multipliers will double or triple payouts. You will need to reactivate this feature to receive a 10x or higher multiplier.

• Betting Strategy

Registered members at W88 Casino are recommended to consider their betting strategy before interacting with an online slot, as payouts can be influenced by the amount wagered. For instance, consider how much of your bankroll is available & determine how long that bankroll can support your wagers. Players should reconsider their bet if that wager cannot be supported for more than an hour.

• Return-to-Player

You need to know a few things about an online slot that relate to the payouts and how they are determined. This includes the RTP or return to player ratio, which is the amount a slot pays out and the hit frequency, which is the frequency in which a slot produces a winning combination.


Thank you for reading our beginner’s guide to online slots at W88 Casino. You have the knowledge to now approach these games with confidence and enjoy the thrill that comes from playing slots. Remember to stay patient & vigilant, as playing slots is meant to be fun, and while there will be losses, the vibrant themes and possible winning combinations will keep you entertained for hours.