Nine Tips for Playing Blackjack at W88 – Increase the RTP

Since 2013, Malaysian players have preferred to wager with W88 Casino, as the experience is immersive & entertaining. It’s an incredible betting establishment that maintains hundreds of games for registered members to enjoy. For instance, Live Blackjack is supported by W88 Malaysia. Notable developers like Gameplay Interactive & Evolution Gaming have designed variations of Live Blackjack, which players can experience from W88NCP.

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Online blackjack is ranked amongst the most popular games at W88 Casino. However, skilled betting is needed to compete at the highest level of online blackjack. This could be daunting for novice players. As such, nine suggestions have been provided below for readers. We recommend that new members at W88 Malaysia review these tips & tricks to improve their wagering capabilities at Live Blackjack.

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1. Know When to Double Down

Anyone familiar with the fundamentals of Live Blackjack knows that doubling down is necessary in various situations. For instance, players holding the nine or ten of spades are recommended to double down. This wager is particularly beneficial when wagering against the dealers four or five of spades, as payouts can provide a significant advantage towards the matches overall outcome. Therefore, remaining alert when participating in the betting rounds is essential for novice players.

2. Know When to Split

Splitting the aces is recommended to novice players when participating in Live Blackjack, as secondary cards are awarded to players. You’ll have to wager on this secondary hand to initiate this technique. However, the payouts awarded can be significant & can lead towards profitable withdrawals. It’s noted that some versions of Live Blackjack don’t support ace splitting. We recommend that players review the gameplay rules & settings to identify which version of Live Blackjack has ace splitting.

3. Never Take Insurance

Blackjack insurance is offered to players whenever the dealer has an ace. However, it’s recommended that players avoid the usage of blackjack insurance. This insurance might cover your losses, but the returns earned compared to the amount paid isn’t viable. In most circumstances, the odds favour dealers when they have aces. You’ll always pay more in the long term.

4. Always Hit with a Hard Hand

Depending on the cards dealt, players could have a hard hand. This warrants an immediate reaction by hitting. But novice players don’t know which cards are suitable for hitting (Requesting an additional card be dealt by the dealer). We recommend that when being dealt the following pairs, hit against the dealer. The 5-8 Pairing, 9-2 Pairing, 10 Pairing. It’s emphasized that dealers must be showing either an Ace or 10 Card to warrant these hits.

5. Know When to Play a Soft Hand

Soft hands are suggested to novice players for strategic purposes. These soft hands typically warrant players to stand, meaning that another card won’t be dealt by dealers. Under these circumstances, soft hands are warranted whenever players have a 19 or 20, as the likelihood of hitting Blackjack with an additional card is unlikely. Punters would exceed the maximum of 24. Therefore, it’s recommended that players stand whenever they have a total of seventeen or higher.

6. Play Progressive Blackjack

After novice players have learned the fundamentals of Live/Online Blackjack, it’s recommended they participate in Progressive Blackjack, as payouts are considerably higher. These tables typically have lenient rules that enable participants to implement various strategies.

Moreover, the number of betting techniques available is increased when playing Progressive Blackjack. We recommend that punters have a significant bankroll when approaching this variation of Live Blackjack at W88 Malaysia, as you’ll find that high-rollers favour this version of Blackjack.

7. Choose Your Table Limits Carefully

Speaking of bankrolls, players should consider the table limits when participating in Live Blackjack. There are games that have table limits that start at $5.00 and end at $50,000. These limits could exceed the expectations of novice players. Therefore, locating games with lower limits is recommended to newcomers. We suggest participants consider limits at $5.00 to $100, as this is reasonably affordable when converted to MYR.

8. Know When to Call It a Day

Unfortunately, addiction is possible when gambling within an online environment. This addiction can remain unnoticed and lead to unfavourable consequences. As such, knowing when to stop betting is essential for novice players. You don’t want to exceed your depositing budget and potentially risk payment of various bills or rent.

Therefore, we recommend that novice players set themselves a budget that cannot be exceeded. W88 Casino will allow punters to create depositing limits on their account. All that’s required is to contact the 24/7 Customer Support Team at W88.

9. Train with Blackjack Demos

Mastering the betting techniques & suggestions we have provided is essential to earning profits with Blackjack at W88 Casino. Fortunately, demo-based versions of this game are available with W88. Unfortunately, these demos are provided within a virtual environment. W88 Malaysia doesn’t support demo modes for their Live Casino.

However, skillsets can be mastered when competing within this virtual environment. You’ll master these betting techniques without having to deposit a single dollar. As such, failures aren’t costly. This is the perfect means of becoming a professional gambler with Live Blackjack at W88NCP.


These fundamental suggestions should enable players to improve their capabilities & odds when betting. Despite that, it’s emphasized that winning streaks aren’t guaranteed when playing Live Blackjack. Players will sustain losses at some point within their betting journey.

Therefore, remaining cautious & vigilant when betting is recommended as remaining vigilant could make the difference between payouts or losses. Either way, creating an account with W88 Malaysia won’t be disappointing. The experience is incredible & immersive, with promotions regularly provided to consumers. Sign up today to receive the RM150 W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus.

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