How to Win Playing Dragon Tiger at W88

Throughout the last two decades, the Malaysian iGaming Industry has grown tenfold. This has allowed numerous betting sites to enter this marketplace in hopes of acquiring players. However, W88 Casino is considered amongst the best gambling establishments for bettors in Malaysia.

Resultant of the hundreds of gambling products from prominent W88 software developers like Gameplay Interactive and Pragmatic Play, Dragon Tiger is one of the featured games at the W88 Live Casino. This isn’t surprising considering how popular Dragon Tiger is throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

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Dragon Tiger was originally developed in Cambodia, and it wasn’t long before it grew in popularity throughout neighbouring countries like Malaysia, as the game is simplistic. All that’s required is for punters to predict the suited pair of an upcoming hand. For instance, an upcoming hand could consist of two cards like the Seven Dragon & Seven Tiger. This would result in a tied hand and payout for players that predicted the suited pair correctly.

Interested punters wanting to play Dragon Tiger will benefit from understanding the gameplay requirements, betting opportunities, and payout combinations. Fortunately, explanations are provided below about Dragon Tiger Live at W88 Malaysia.

Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Dragon Tiger at W88 Malaysia

Step One: Navigate to W88 Casino: Players must visit the W88 Malaysia homepage to access their preferred version of Dragon Tiger Live. There are several versions available with the W88 Live Casino. Select Club W-Grand at W88 Live Casino to access Dragon Tiger.

Step Two: Create an Account & Login: Once players have selected their preferred version of Dragon Tiger, logging into W88 Malaysia is required. Punters without an account will need to register with W88 to start competing. It’s specified that depositing the minimum of RM30 is needed to compete with W88 Casino.

Step Three: Place a Wager on Dragon Tiger: After depositing into your account, choose your preferred version of Dragon Tiger and place a wager. You can wager the minimum of RM5 and increase your bets as your bankroll grows.

Understanding the Rules with Dragon Tiger

An essential component to playing Dragon Tiger is understanding the rules & regulations associated to this game. Fortunately, explanations have been provided to educate readers on the hands & payouts within Dragon Tiger Live.

An example would be the main objective of Dragon Tiger, which involves predicting the correct suit and higher card value. However, which hands are available in Dragon Tiger? How much are these hands worth in terms of payouts? These are questions we’ll answer below.

Winnng Hands in Dragon Tiger

As previously mentioned, Dragon Tiger Live is straightforward & simplistic for the players to experience. That’s because players are called to predict the correct suit of an upcoming hand, meaning that Dragon Tiger is a simpler version of Texas Hold’em, except with an Asian theming. It’s this combination that’s allowed Dragon Tiger to flourish throughout the Malaysian and Indonesian regions. It’s emphasized that throughout this game, several hands are available. Those include:

• Dragon Even
• Dragon Odd
• Tiger Even
• Tiger Odd
• Dragon
• Tiger

Regardless of the wager chosen by players, payouts are equally the same at 1:1 on winning hands. This means side bets like the Tiger Even or Dragon Odd can pay out equally to main wagers. However, there’s a greater risk to implementing side bets, meaning novice players should always focus their wagers on the Dragon or Tiger,

However, with additional bets coming after some experience has been gained, bettors new to Dragon tiger will find several other wagers at their disposal. How players use those bets is entirely up to them as there isn’t a correct answer, as punting on Dragon Tiger is void of any betting systems at W88 Malaysia.

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Four Suggestions for W88 Dragon Tiger

Professional gamblers with experience in Dragon Tiger have provided an assortment of tips & tricks for newcomers to utilize throughout their playthroughs. For example, professional punters suggest that registered members watch the dealer when competing in Live Dragon Tiger. Naturally, the dealers are skilled and extensively trained, so watching the dealer is always strategically smart.

After all, trained dealers will make occasional mistakes that could provide you with an edge. And additional suggestions specify that players should review the betting round results, as this could reveal patterns within the previous payouts.

With that said, here are our four suggestions when playing Dragon Tiger at W88:

Keep Track of the Budget

Managing your finances is essential to competing in Dragon Tiger, as this game is ranked amongst the fastest-paced in online gambling. You’ll need to watch how fast your deposited finances are depleting. If the losses sustained are greater than the payouts won, it’s recommended that punters revisit their experience with Dragon Tiger after taking a minor break.

This period away from Dragon Tiger could assist players in recalibrating and taking control of their budgets. Therefore, always remember to play Dragon Tige with an affordable bankroll that doesn’t stretch your finances.

Dragon & Tigers Bets are Best

It’s recommended that newcomers don’t focus on the side bets when playing Dragon Tiger. Instead, prioritize the main wagers to ensure that house edges are low. For instance, the house edge associated with Dragon and Tiger bets is 3.73%.

Any additional wagers will be positioned at a higher house edge, meaning that the acquisition of payouts is harder to acquire. Players should always focus on the lowest house edge to ensure that dealers can be defeated quickly.

Betting Systems Don’t Work

As previously noted, betting strategies aren’t applicable for Dragon Tiger at W88 Live Casino, as this game focuses on chance. This means that betting strategies won’t work when playing, as everyone has an equal opportunity to win.

Moreover, you cannot influence the dealer by employing betting systems, nor can you alter the betting mechanics of Dragon Tiger. Therefore, players are limited to making predictions based on the previous betting round results.

W88 50% Dragon Tiger Rescue Fund

The final suggestion for readers focuses on the W88 50% Dragon Tiger Rescue Fund, as this promotion is created for cashback rewards with Dragon Tiger. Unfortunately, players are limited to a return of RM50 with their losses. Anything more will be considered permanently lost to W88 Casino.


Congratulations, you have now learned about Dragon Tiger and the betting requirements needed to start playing successfully. We hope this guided information has provided you with the confidence needed to play Dragon Tiger Live at W88 Casino without worrying about significant losses.

Anyone still worried about the potential for losses is recommended to develop a betting strategy through W88’s demo-based version of Dragon Tiger. Not only will this allow you to understand the game better, but you will gain valuable experience.

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