How to Win and Play Stud Poker at W88

Launching in 2013, W88 Casino has become an innovative & prominent betting establishment within the last decade. This accomplishment was achieved through the gaming catalogue, as W88 Casino introduced hundreds of gambling products, including an assortment of Virtual & Live Poker games. For instance, Live Stud Poker is available to registered members at W88.

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Similar to other card games, Stud Poker is available via W88’s Live Casino. Punters that want to experience this game are required to visit the Live Casino and navigate to Club Palazzo to play Live Stud Poker. Once punters have selected this game, they will find W88 offers a variety of different table limits, with those ranging from a low of RM5 to a high of RM500.

It’s recommended that players maximize their bankroll by acquiring the RM600 W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus. This promotion will enable participants to maintain a higher quantity of funds. As such, wagers can be increased without consequence. However, readers shouldn’t make those wagers without first reading and understanding the explanations on how to play Live Stud Poker at W88 below.

Understanding the Rules of Stud Poker

Stud Poker is identical to Texas Hold’em, with the primary difference being that players can play with five cards each hand. This means the betting options & hand combinations are more complex within Stud Poker. Fortunately, anyone familiar with Live Poker shouldn’t have any problems adapting their skillsets towards Live Stud Poker. We recommend that when adapting your skills, take into consideration of the following points.

• Gameplay: Players aren’t competing against the dealer versus each other in Live Stud Poker. This means your hand of five cards must be better than the dealer’s in order for your hand to be deemed a winning hand.

• Betting Limit: Novice players should take notice of the betting limits within W88’s Live Stud Poker. You can wager a minimum of RM5 to start competing. However, punters can increase their wager to the maximum amount of RM500 if needed.

• Betting Time: W88 Live Stud Poker is played with time limits, meaning that participants have fourteen seconds to determine their next wager. Anyone unable to make their wagers within this timeframe will have to wait until the next betting round.

• Betting Options: Players are limited in the available betting options, as Stud Poker has ten winning hands. This means strategic betting is required, and like in Texas Hold’em, bettors will want to consider their upcoming wagers to ensure the best chances at winning.

• Hand Combinations: As previously mentioned, ten winning hands are supported within Live Stud Poker. These hands can be won in numerous ways, with professionals estimating there are 160+ Card Combinations that can trigger winning hands.

Stud Poker Hand Rankings

It’s imperative that novice players educate themselves on the hand rankings in Live Stud Poker. Otherwise, they’ll be at a competitive disadvantage that could leave them losing to the dealer. As such, explanations have been provided below to further strengthen your skillsets at Stud Poker. We recommend that anyone unfamiliar with this game read onwards to maximize their potential at winning.

• Royal Flush: Players maintain five consecutive cards with high-ranking suits. This would include the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten cards.

• Straight Flush: Players with five consecutive suited cards in the same hand will maintain a straight flush. If both the dealer & player have a straight flush, the individuals with the higher-ranking suit will win.

• Four of a Kind: 4/5 cards must maintain the same value to trigger Four of a Kind. The suit of these cards are irrelevant.

• Full House: Three cards must have the same value, with the remaining two cards also having an identical value. These cards must maintain different poker suits.

• Flush: Consecutive cards maintaining the same value are not present within this hand. Instead, five cards must have the same suit. For instance, x5 Hearts of different values.

• Straight: Five consecutive cards in sequence with any suits are required to trigger the straight winning combination.

• Three of a Kind: 3/5 cards in the hand maintain an identical value, regardless of the poker suits.

• Two Pair: Two different pairs of cards are maintained within the player’s hand. The suit of those cards aren’t factored into the two pair winning combination.

• One Pair: Similar to the previous hand, players must maintain one pairing of cards with the same value. The suits of those cards don’t matter when triggering the one pair hand.

• High Card: This hand requires that participants have a high card in their hand. This could include the King, Jack, Queen, or Ace. The suit of these cards aren’t factored into the high card winning hand.

How to Access Stud Poker at W88

W88 Live Casino has made Stud Poker easily accessible to their registered members. There’s a two-step process involved to accessing this game. However, creating an account is needed to move forward with the second step.

• Step 1: Select Club Palazzo at the W88 Live Casino

Access the W88 homepage to locate the navigation menu. Here, you’ll witness an assortment of options, including “Join” and “Login”. New players want to select the join option to begin the three minute process of creating an account. You’ll need to provide information like your name, address, email, age, and number to move forward with the account creation.

After creating an account, players can login to access the W88 Live Casino. From here, punters want to select Club Palazzo. This is where you’ll locate Live Stud Poker, a title developed by Playtech Gaming, meaning that participants will maintain the best possible experience while competing.

• Step 2: Choose to Play Stud Poker

Players who select Live Stud Poker are redirected to an additional page that’s prioritized for Malaysia. Club Palazzo will enable punters to select from an assortment of poker games, including Live Stud Poker. It’s required that competitors wager the minimum amount of RM5 to begin playing, and as previously mentioned, these wagers can be increased to the maximum amount of RM500.


Congratulations, you have learned the essentials of playing Live Stud Poker. We recommend that before competing, new players navigate to the W88 promotions page, deposit and claim the W88 20% Live Casino Welcome Bonus. This promotion will accelerate your payout opportunities, as additional funds will be available for wagering purposes.

However, depositing the minimum amount of RM30 is needed to qualify for the welcome bonus. We also suggest that you review the Terms & Conditions of this promotion before depositing and claiming so that you are informed of the betting requirements.

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