How to Play W88 Casino’s Octopus Game

Since launching in 2013, W88 Casino has partnered with numerous developers like Microgaming and Gameplay Interactive. This has allowed W88 Malaysia to supply their registered members with hundreds of video slots and dozens of table games, including Octopus from Gameplay Interactive.

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We don’t expect readers to be familiar with Octopus, as this title has remained in obscurity. However, significant winning opportunities are available to anyone that competes. Moreover, this game isn’t challenging to understand as all that’s required is for participants to match buttons (Coins) in various combinations. Fortunately, there are only four possibilities when factoring in the payouts, and that makes gameplay straightforward & the betting requirements simplistic.

Anyone interested in playing Octopus is recommended to review our guide of this game. Otherwise, punters will maintain an unfortunate disadvantage to those who are familiar with how the game works, meaning our guide puts you on par with other players and increases your chances at W88 of having a successful gaming session.

How to Play Octopus in Two Steps

Navigating W88 Casino is straightforward, as the navigational menu is modernized & direct. Players can access the Octopus Game from Gameplay Interactive by following three steps that involve registering an account, depositing into their account, and placing bets.

• Step 1: Visit W88 and Create an Account

Access the W88 Homepage and select “Join Now” to begin the registration process. This will prompt players to an additional page where questionnaire requirements must be filled. Information like your address, name, date of birth, and phone number will be required to create an account. Afterwards, log in to your account & begin the depositing process by selecting your preferred banking option. It’s stipulated that participants deposit the minimum of RM30.

After completing the registration & depositing process at W88 Casino, players can access the Octopus Game by selecting the “Games Category” within the menu. This shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to complete from start to finish. As such, unregistered players at W88 Casino can start triggering payouts within a short timeframe.

• Step 2: Select Your Preferred Table

Multiple tables are offered within the Octopus Game, with varying betting requirements and payouts. Players must select their preferred table before moving forward with their payout acquisition. Fortunately, novice punters needn’t worry, as table limits at RM01 are available.

Wagering options within the Octopus Game are extended to RM2500. We recommend that novice punters avoid the high-limit tables, as betting requirements will exceed their available bankroll. Moreover, losses could be severe. It’s better to start small and win big!

Four Important Rules You Need to Know To Play Octopus

As previously mentioned, most punters won’t be familiar with the Octopus Game. It’s unique compared to other titles available with W88 Casino. Therefore, understanding how the gameplay mechanics & betting options work is essential to competing.

Fortunately, explanations have been provided below for novice punters. After reading the following rules, readers should maintain the knowledge to compete at the highest level with Gameplay Interactive’s Octopus.

• Buttons & Betting Options: In the Octopus Game, there are coins that maintain two different sides. These sides include a Pink Diamond and Green Star. It’s required that punters have two or more Pink Diamonds or Green Stars to trigger a payout.

Moreover, players must predict how many of these Pink Diamonds or Green Stars will appear. It’s recommended that punters focus on intervals of two or three. Dealers will place three buttons within each betting round. Within these three buttons, four betting options are available with four payout possibilities.

• Betting Time: Within each betting round, players have twenty seconds to implement their wager. It’s also required that punters estimate how many Green Stars or Pink Diamonds will appear on the three coins within the twenty-second time limit. Anyone incapable of making their wagers within that time limit will be disposed from the betting round.

• Betting Limit: Played are authorized to wager anywhere from RM01 to RM2500. It’s recommended that punters competing with low bankrolls focus on wagers between RM01 to RM50, with high-rolling players focusing on wagers between RM1000 and RM2500. Remember, everyone has twenty seconds to choose how much they’ll wager within the upcoming betting round.

Octopus Betting Options & Odds

As previously mentioned, four betting options are supported within the Octopus Game. But these betting options are more complex than one would imagine, as seen below. We have explained how these betting options work within the Octopus Game down below.

However, it’s recommended that novice punters interact with the demo-based version of the Octopus Game before wagering with real money. This will enable them to learn & master the betting options before real money is wagered, and potentially lost. Read onwards to find out more about the Octopus Betting Options & Odds.


The Octopus Game combines the best betting mechanics from cards & dice to create an immersive experience that caters towards the Asian consumer. As such, Gameplay Interactive’s Octopus has become successful within regions like Malaysia. It isn’t surprising that W88 Casino has partnered with Gameplay Interactive to bring the Octopus Game to registered members.

In addition, anyone that registers an account with W88 Casino is eligible to claim welcome bonus of up to RM 600 that can be used to play the Octopus Game. They also will be eligible to join in on any of the other W88 promotions the casino offers, and the same applies to any of the sportsbook promotions.  That’s right, your initial wagers won’t cost anything thanks to the welcome bonus. So, why not sign up today with W88 Malaysia and claim your new player welcome bonus.

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