How to Play Texas Hold’Em Poker Online for Real Money at W88

The internet has had a significant impact on how people chose, viewed and accessed their betting needs. No longer were players required to wager from brick & mortar casinos as online alternatives became available. This virtual betting method became popular amongst the masses, as millions worldwide registered an account with various casinos. Today, online and mobile casinos dominate the iGaming industry and one of the best for Malaysians and South-East Asians is W88 Casino.

W88 Casino is a global brand that is most popular in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Taiwan. Since 2013, it has become a synonymous brand across Asia that is known for offering an immersive & adventurous experience for online poker enthusiasts.

As W88 continues to experience unprecedented growth, we felt it was appropriate to know the passion Malaysians have for playing poker to create a How to Play Poker Online for Real Money at W88 article.

Naturally, if you are accustomed to playing poker, you know there are two variations of online poker at W88 Casino, traditional poker & live poker. The two are considerably different, as traditional poker is built around a computer program that produced results via RNG software, whereas live poker is a streaming-based service. The better of the two, live poker is streamed directly to players via webcam and microphone, and naturally, it provides a more immersive & realistic experience.

How to Play Online Poker at W88

Registered players receive several benefits when creating an account at W88, including the opportunity to earn VIP Rewards. Moreover, Welcome Bonuses at RM600 are provided to increase the likelihood of payouts when playing online poker. It’s noted that W88 Casino doesn’t guarantee payouts to the player.

Anyone interested in experiencing online poker at W88 Casino is recommended to follow the steps below. You’ll find an informative guide to kickstarting your journey with W88 Casino. Reading onwards, players will learn about the best methods of wagering for playing online poker.

• Step One: Register an account at W88 Casino. Provide the information needed to complete your registration.
• Step Two: Select the navigation bar at W88 Casino. Hit P2P/Poker to see the available games.
• Step Three: Download the W88 Poker Application onto your iOS, Android, PC, and Mac operating systems.
• Step Four: Select from the available games and choose a poker table with a minimum bet of $1.00.

We recommend that newcomers choose Texas Hold’em for their initial experience. This form of poker is commonly known amongst the public and shouldn’t be hard for anyone who previously wagered at an online or land-based casino. After selecting Texas Hold’em, players are redirected to an online poker table that accepts real-money wagers. It’s suggested that inexperienced players wager at $0.25 to $0.50, which guarantees a cost-effective experience, while those who have experience wager higher amounts for a greater reward.

Four Important Rules for Playing Online Poker

There are rules & regulations associated with playing online poker at W88 Malaysia. Newcomers must review these conditions before wagering their first bet. Otherwise, mistakes could be made, and payouts could be lost. Read onwards to avoid this happening to you.

• Opening Bet: Select the initial wager you’ll make and place into the pot.
• Hole Cards: Players are dealt two cards in the face-down motion.
• Community Cards: Five additional cards are dealt face-up on the poker table. This happens after three rounds of betting have occurred.
• Showdown: After the final round of betting, players turn their cards face-up to reveal who has the better hand. Whoever has the better hand will receive the pot.

As previously mentioned, Texas Hold ’em has three betting rounds at W88 Casino. In the first round of betting, players can pay the blinds, raise, or fold their dealt cards. This process will repeat during the flop, turn, and river, and after the third round of betting has concluded, player cards and the winner of the hand will be revealed. However, here is a refresher and brief summary of the flop, turn and river.

• The Flop: Dealers will distribute three cards onto the table. These cards will influence the payout probability of your hand.
• The Turn: Named the community card, this is the fourth card dealt by dealers. It will also influence the probability of payouts.
• The River: This is the final round of betting between the community cards & showdown. Anyone wanting to double-down on their wagers should do so during the river.

In the first round of betting, players can raise or fold on their dealt cards. These decisions are made from the left, meaning that participants to the left are the big blind. This process will repeat during the flop, turn and river. It isn’t until the third round of betting has concluded that players show their cards up, and the winner revealed.

How to Bet When Playing Poker at W88

The standard bet types you expect from playing Texas Hold’em and their respective betting rounds are prevalent at W88 Casino. However, mastering the bet types and how they relate to Texas hold’em does require new players to practice and be patient. We’ll explain the bet types briefly below when playing Texas Hold’em at W88.

• Bet: As previously mentioned, this is required for all players who wish to buy into a hand.
• Call: Players wagering on the flop, turn, or river can be called on their bet. You will match their wager if calling.
• Fold: This option discards the hand & removes players from their right to win the pot.
• Check: Selecting to check will require players on the left to make an unexpected wager.
• Raise: This option is available to players that want to increase their wager during the betting rounds.
• All-In: Players will provide the total amount of money in their bankroll to call or raise another player.

Understanding the betting options available at W88 Casino could be confusing without understanding the ranking of poker hands. It’s essential to know this information. Otherwise, you’ll be at a disadvantage when competing against other players. Our beginner’s guide covers the ranking of poker hands below.

• Royal Flush: This is considered the best hand in Texas Hold’em. It means that five high-valued cards have been positioned in sequential order.
• Straight Flush: Similar to a royal flush, the straight flush has five cards of the same suit in sequential order.
• Four of a Kind: Four cards of identical value are positioned in sequential order on the poker table. This is considered a high-valued hand in Texas Hold’em.
Full House: Three cards of similar rank and another two cards of different rank. This allows players to have a Full House, which is considered the second-best hand in poker.
• Flush: Five cards of an identical suit, except they aren’t positioned in the same numerical order.
• Straight: Five cards of different suiting & different numerical order, that’s a straight poker hand.
• Three of a Kind: Three cards of identical ranking will create this winning hand. The two other cards don’t need to match.
• Two Pair: Two cards of different rank & pairing, with an additional fifth card that maintains the third ranking. This creates the two-pair hand.
• High Card: You haven’t any cards paired with the same suit or rank but still maintain the high card amongst all other players. This makes the high card hand.


We hope the information provided throughout this beginner’s guide will give the readers enough information to move forward with W88 Casino. The experience offered throughout W88 Poker is immersive and entertaining while also being straightforward in design. Nobody should be challenged in approaching W88 Poker.