How to Play Sic Bo for Real Money at W88

Opening in 2013, W88 Casino has supplied registered members with an outstanding experience by providing hundreds of games. That includes numerous video slots from prominent developers like Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming. However, the W88 Live Casino has generated unexpected popularity amongst the residents of Malaysia.

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This has prompted additional interest into games like Blackjack and Sic Bo, which isn’t surprising considering the popularity of Sic Bo in Malaysia. Despite that, some players are unfamiliar with the gameplay & betting requirements for Live Sic Bo. This is where our examination into Sic Bo comes into effect, as readers will locate various steps & suggestions to assist with their betting proficiency.

How to Play Sic Bo Casino Game Online at W88 Live Casino

Navigating the W88 Live Casino isn’t challenging, as five minutes is needed for players to register an account and interact with Live Sic Bo. This is advantageous for anyone wanting a straightforward experience with their betting provider. As such, interested punters should follow these three steps to continue onwards with Live Sic Bo at W88 Malaysia.

• Step 1: Register an Account: Follow the link we’ve provided to W88 Casino homepage. Afterwards, click the option that reads “Join Now”. It’ll take three minutes to register an account, as basic information like your name and address must be provided.

• Step 2: There are two variations of Sic Bo available at W88 Casino. This includes Live Sic Bo with Club Palazzo and Virtual Sic Bo with Club-W. It’s important to know the differences, as Live Sic Bo has an RM8 minimum bet, while Virtual Sic Bo has an RM1 minimum bet.

• Step 3:  Start to Wager: After you’ve chosen which version of Sic Bo is preferred, punters are required to implement their initial bet. As previously mentioned, the minimum wager available for Live Sic Bo is RM8. Anyone with a smaller budget is recommended to select Virtual Sic Bo, as the associated cost is cheaper.

Five Tips & Tricks for Live Sic Bo

Technically speaking, betting strategies are irrelevant when playing Live Sic Bo, as this betting product focuses on randomized payouts. This means everyone maintains an equal opportunity to trigger payouts. However, it’s essential that novice players learn five essential tips & tricks for Live Sic Bo. Otherwise, those punters could maintain an unexpected disadvantage. Therefore, take these suggestions seriously when competing at W88 Malaysia.

• Game Objective: Understanding the objective to Live Sic Bo isn’t challenging. There are three dice that are combined together. Punters must estimate the total number that will appear with those three dice. Players that guess correctly will be awarded a payout.

• Dealer Gameplay: Dice are placed within a glass dome that shakes with vibration. Once the vibration has stopped & the dice have been randomly shaken, three numbers will be revealed to players. Whoever guessed the correct total of those three numbers will be paid accordingly.

• Time Limits to Betting: When participating in Live Sic Bo at W88 Casino, players have fifteen seconds to select their chips & place a wager. Anyone incapable of wagering within that time limit will forfeit that betting round.

• Minimum Wagers: As previously mentioned, Live Sic Bo at W88 has a minimum wager of RM8. Players wanting cheaper wagering options are recommended to select Virtual Sic Bo, as minimum bets are listed at RM1.

• Betting Options: Nine betting options are commonplace with Live Sic Bo. Those include prominent wagers like the Big Bet and Triple Bet. However, greater detail is needed to understand these betting options. Players can locate a detailed analysis of Sic Bo’s betting options down below.

Betting Options & Pay-Outs at Sic Bo Casino Game

Understanding the betting options & payouts is essential to participating in Live Sic Bo at W88 Malaysia. For instance, unfamiliar players could generate payouts without knowing what they’ve done. This is avoidable when educating oneself on the betting options within Sic Bo. For more information, look below. You’ll be better prepared to compete with professionals by mastering these wagers.

• Big Bet: Three dice whose total equals  11/19 will prompt payouts at 1:1 odds.

• Small Bet: Three dice whose total equals 4/10 will trigger payouts at 1:1 odds.

• Paired Bet: 15 Sub-Bets are available when selecting the paired bet. Prizes are at 24:1 odds.

• Number Bets: Players can select between one, two, or three dice, with payouts based on the amount of dice selected (1 Dice – 1:1 odds, 2 Dice – 24:2 odds, 3 Dice -b87:1 odds).

• Double Bet: Two dice with the same value will prompt payouts at 87:1 odds.

• Triple Bet: Three dice with identical values will trigger payouts worth 150-999 odds.

• Any Triple:
Any three dice maintaining the estimated value of players will payout 87:1 odds.

It’s suggested that players interested in maximizing their payouts should first master the gameplay & betting options of Live Sic Bo. As such, this means learning about the additional 15 Sub-Bets, which requires patience and time. By using the demo version of Sic Bo at W88, you can understand the differences between these 15 Sub-Bets and be better prepared when playing for real money.

How to Play Sic Bo at W88

Participating in Live Sic Bo at W88 Casino isn’t challenging. However, accessing the game could be confusing for some punters. As we’ve previously mentioned, Live Sic Bo is available with Club Palazzo at W88 Malaysia. Once you have accessed the game, fifteen second intervals are provided for betting. You’ll need to wager within that timeframe to ensure the betting round is completed.

However, punters should remember that RM8 minimum wagers are required to participate in Live Sic Bo. It’s emphasized that within Live Sic Bo, two betting rounds will be conducted before the game is over. This will provide punters with an option to double down on their wagers, but punters need to determine if secondary wagers are best within ten seconds, as this is the timeframe given for betting during the 2nd Round.


Congratulations, you have learned the essential gameplay & betting requirements that are associated to Live Sic Bo at W88 Casino. We hope this examination in Sic Bo has been educational and helpful for our readers. If you’re interested in competing, we recommend that novice punters acquire the 20% RM600 Welcome Bonus that’s available for W88 Live Casino. Moreover, there’s an RM30 Free Credit rewarded to anyone that registers an account. Therefore, what could possibly be stopping you from signing up? Create an account today!

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