How to Play Poker at W88 After Downloading the Poker App

Launching in 2013, W88 Casino has remained a prominent force throughout the iGaming industry in Malaysia. They have accomplished this task by providing a stimulating & immersive experience to thousands of registered players. As such, an unwavering reputation has been generated by W88 Casino.

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New members will locate numerous gambling products at W88, including a Live Casino and Poker Application. For those interested in the W88 Poker App, we have provided an extensive guide on the W88 Poker experience. This guide contributes information on the rules, betting limits, and poker hands that are used throughout W88 Malaysia.

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Step 1: Login by Entering a Username & Password

Follow our directed link to the W88 Casino. Here, you’ll find an option to install the W88 Poker Appl onto a Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device. This means that W88 supports universal accessibility with their application. It’s noted that installation times shouldn’t take longer than five minutes. Anything longer and players are recommended to restart the download.

Registering an account is required to start the download, and you will need to enter the following details to complete the registration process:

• Password
• Username
• Current Age
• Date of Birth
• ID Issued Name
• ID Issued Address
• Registered Telephone Number

Anyone unable to provide these details cannot register an account with W88 Casino. Moreover, they cannot download the W88 Poker Application. It’s noted that W88 Casino can request these details be verified if there are unexpected discrepancies. After you have completed the registration process, enter your username and password to login.

Players that register an account will have a W88_Prefix to their username. This allows other gamblers from opposing casinos to identify which gambling establishment you have selected. In this case, that would be W88 Casino. This prefix username is required as the W88 Poker App is interconnected to other casinos with the same game.

Step 2: Understand the Poker Hand Rankings & Regulations

Numerous versions of poker have been introduced to W88 Casino, with each being slightly different from the other. Despite that, Texas Hold’em has remained the basis for most of these games. It’s recommended that newcomers learn about the rules & regulations associated with Texas Hold’em before playing.

Moreso, understanding the poker hand rankings is essential to compete. Therefore, guides have been provided below for unfamiliar players that allow you to maximize your profit margins by learning the rules and hand rankings to Texas Hold’em.

• Dealer: Trained professionals deal cards via webcam & microphone at W88 Live Casino. These dealers are educated in everything regarding online poker to ensure a smooth experience for players.

• Small Blind: Wagers are made by players to the left. This continues until a full rotation of the betting round is completed. It’s noted that players cannot wager less than the previous bet.

• Big Blind: Players opposing the small blind must wager double the amount to prioritize themselves as the highest bidding competitor.

• Hole Cards: Two cards distributed by the trained dealer. These cards start the betting round and can be played in multiple ways. More information on the hole cards is provided below.

• Community Cards: Trained dealers deal five cards on to the poker table, with these cards used by all to create winning hands.

However, strategic bluffing is needed to understand when you or another player has the best hand. As such, participating in betting rounds without first understanding the wagering options available is not wise and could be costly for novice players. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the following wagering options:

• Fold: Removing yourself from the betting round when the cards you were dealt are not favourable.

• Check: This option lets you continue in the hand without having to place a bet. However, checking can cause other players to see your hand as weak and result in more aggressive betting in the next round.

• Bet/Call: Match an opposing player’s wager by selecting to bet and continue in the hand. This option is advisable if you have favourable cards and the bet amount.

• Raise: Wager more than the previous player and increase the overall pot size. Continue to raise your bets when trying to out-strategize another player into folding.

• All-In: Wager your entire bankroll in hopes of stealing the pot or getting called by an opponent with a less favourable hand.

• Showdown: Betting rounds are complete, and all players show their cards in the face-up position to determine who had the highest hand.

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Congratulations on learning about the betting actions & rules of Texas Hold’em. This information will provide you with the basic to create powerful strategies and large wins. However, those payouts cannot be generated until players have learned about the winning hands. As such, definitions of these winning hands have been provided below.

• Royal Flush: High-valued cards of the same suit and colour in a consecutive sequence.

• Straight Flush: Middle-ranked cards of the same suit and colour in a consecutive sequence.

• Four of a Kind: Four identical cards that have the same value within a full hand.

• Full House: Three of a Kind with two additional matching cards of different suit and colour.

• Flush: Five cards with the same suit and colour.

• Straight: Any valued cards positioned within a consecutive sequence.

• Three of a Kind: Three cards with the same value in a full hand.

• Two Pair: Identically valued cards with two different pairs, meaning four cards total.

• One Pair: Two cards in the same hand with one pairing.

• High Card: Any high-valued card without a consecutive sequence.

Step 3: Explore the Tables & Verify your Account at W88 Poker

As previously mentioned, the W88 Poker App has incorporated dozens of games into its platform. This means players aren’t limited to Texas Hold’em, as multiple other variants of poker exist with the W88 Mobile App. Despite that, Texas Hold’em. is considered the most popular game available at W88 Poker. However, we recommend you explore other variants before selecting which one is best. You could find yourself locating an expected game that’s more profitable than expected.

Remember, after you have created an account at W88, you cannot proceed to deposit without first verifying your email address. Once verified, you will be able to log in, visit the cashier, make a deposit and begin playing poker. Likewise, you will be able to play other table games offered at W88 or any other game that may interest you.

Step Four: Deposit Transfers & Minimum Bets

Depositing into the W88 Poker Application is needed to wager the minimum bet. As such, players can utilize an assortment of banking options, including:

• MayBank (Direct Bank Transfer – Maximum Deposit of RM25000)
• CIMB Bank (Direct Bank Transfer – Maximum Deposit of RM25000)
• Public Bank (Direct Bank Transfer – Maximum Deposit of RM25000)
• RHB Bank (Direct Bank Transfer – Maximum Deposit of RM25000)
• HongLeong Bank (Direct Bank Transfer – Maximum Deposit of RM25000)
• AmBank (Direct Bank Transfer – Maximum Deposit of RM25000)
• QuickPay (Online Instant Deposit – Maximum Deposit of RM10000)

While W88 has maximum deposit requirements for each payment method, only the minimum deposit maximum is mandatory. For those on a budget, lower wagering options are available. Players can bet the minimum amount of RM.50 when competing. Despite that minimum wager, we recommend readers wager larger amounts varying from RM50 to RM100, as profit margins will significantly be higher when payouts are won.

W88 Poker FAQ

Q: Is Free Play Poker Supported at W88?

A: The W88 Poker Application has introduced an assortment of free-to-play games for players. These games can be utilized to master upcoming strategies or to maintain a carefree experience when betting.

Q: What’s the Entry Fee for Tournaments at W88?

A: In most circumstances, the W88 Poker Application will require that players spend RM5 to enrol in tournaments. This will leave you with a minimum bankroll for betting. As such, it’s recommended that players spend more with their entry fee to increase the available bankroll.

Q: What is the Lowest Table Denomination at W88?

A: The W88 Poker Application stipulates that players must wager the minimum amount of RM.50 when playing Texas Hold’em.

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