How to Play Baccarat at W88

Since 2013, W88 Casino has dominated the iGaming market in Malaysia. They’ve accomplished this achievement by creating an exceptional experience that’s built around hundreds of games, including Live Baccarat. Players can interact with numerous games at W88 Live Casino. However, Live Baccarat maintains the easiest gameplay next to Live Roulette.

We believe players can maximize their profit margins at W88 Casino by reading the various suggestions we’ve provided below. For instance, two betting options are available when participating in Live Baccarat. Those include the Banker’s Hand and Player’s Hand. Whichever hand lands closer to the number nine will stand victorious over the payout.

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Novice players unfamiliar with Live Baccarat should educate themselves on the rules & gameplay, as this will increase their opportunity at triggering payouts. We have provided a four-step process for readers to master, and four suggestions to improve your playability with Live Baccarat at W88 Malaysia. We also recommend that new registrants at W88 Casino acquire the 20% RM600 Welcome Bonus to maximize their bankroll. This should allow for newcomers to experience an increased level of gameplay.

How to Play Baccarat – Four Simple Steps

There are four essential steps to playing Live Baccarat. By mastering these steps, readers will maintain the skillsets needed to compete at the highest level within an online lobby. It’s emphasized that betting strategies aren’t needed to participate, as this game focuses on chance. Instead, mastering the rules & gameplay is best when competing in Live Baccarat.

• Bankers & Players Hand: As previously mentioned, gamblers can select from two wagering options when playing Live Baccarat. Those include the Banker’s Hand and Player’s Hand. Whichever hand stands closest to the total of nine will trigger the payout.

• Card Dealing: Shoe slides are utilized by dealers to release two cards in the face-up position. These cards are placed inside the Banker’s Box, with an additional card being released afterwards. This also applies to the Player’s Box, meaning a total of four cards are delt within a round of betting.

• Points Total: It’s imperative that novice players understand the points total of their cards. For instance, participants could become confused with the Aces and presume they’re worth ten points. That’s incorrect, as Aces are worth one points in Live Baccarat. It’s also stipulated within the rules that 10’s have zero value within a betting round. As such, punters want to prioritize hands showcasing 5’s and 6’s. This will maximize the potential of reaching a total of nine.

• Winning Hand: Natural payouts are awarded when players trigger wins closest to the Nine or Eight total. However, this could be challenging for novice players that haven’t educated themselves on Live Baccarat. Fortunately, additional information is provided below for readers.

5 Tips for Playing Baccarat at W88

The simplicity associated to Live Baccarat is appealing, as players know betting strategies aren’t needed to compete. Instead, understanding the house edge & comparing the available bets is what matters in Live Baccarat. For instance, the Banker’s Hand maintains a house edge of 1.06%. This will house edge increase to 1.24% when selecting the Player’s Hand. Even more so, tied hands will result in the highest house edge of 14.4% when playing Live Baccarat.

Four additional tips & tricks have been provided below to our readers. You’ll learn about which betting option is best, how to increase your odds at maintaining a winning streak, and how to avoid certain games that are unfavorable for novice players. Read onwards to find out more.

• The Banker is Your Best Option

Players are recommended to select the Banker’s Hand whenever competing in Live Baccarat. The reasoning behind this is simple, as payouts are estimated to be higher than 50% when betting on the Banker’s Hand. Moreover, this wager doesn’t require a commission fee of 5%. That will change when selecting the Player’s Hand. As such, profit margins are greater when choosing the banker.

• Bet on the Banker Till it Loses

Winning streaks are plausible when focusing on the Banker’s Hand. We recommend players continually select the Banker’s Hand until an inevitable loss is sustained. Once this happens, switch over to the Player’s Hand to potentially create another winning streak. It’s emphasized that winning streaks aren’t guaranteed, as numerous factors apply towards the plausibility of winning streaks.

• Don’t bother with Mini-Baccarat

It’s suggested that novice players don’t participate in Mini-Baccarat. This game is meant for individuals who are professed in Baccarat. Moreover, it’s meant for players that prefer fast-paced gameplay. It’s estimated that 150-200 Moves are made within minutes when participating in Mini-Baccarat. As such, the speed associated to this game could be overwhelming to novice punters. In turn, severe losses can be sustained at margins of 50% or higher.

• Tie Bets are a waste of effort

Tied Bets shouldn’t be considered as technical losses, as both the player & banker will maintain losses when triggering a tied bet. That’s because of the 14.4% House Edge that dominates over this payout. In most circumstances, both the player and banker lose more than they gain when tied hands are triggered. This means tied wagers cancel each other out for both parties.

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We recommend players registering an account with W88 Malaysia maximize their potential with Live Baccarat. Upon registration, you’ll be eligible to earn an RM150 Welcome Bonus for W88’s Live Casino with a deposit of RM30. Beyond this exclusive promotion, W88 offers a variety of other promotions, both for the live casino, eSports and the sportsbook. Could you ask for anything more from an online casino? Not really.

Frequently Asked Questions about Baccarat

Q: Is free-play supported with Live Baccarat at W88?

A: Unfortunately, players cannot experience Live Baccarat for free at W88 Casino. There aren’t demo modes available for this game. Instead, demo modes are provided for Virtual Baccarat at W88.

Q: Are there mobile options for Live Baccarat?

A: Absolutely, punters can experience Live Baccarat from their iOS or Android smartphones by downloading the W88 Application.

Q: What’s the Lowest House Edge for Live Baccarat at W88?

A: Live Baccarat maintains the lowest house edge of 1.06% at W88 Casino. This house edge can increase to 1.24% or 14.4% depending on the triggered hand.

Q: Are there Live Baccarat Tournaments at W88?

A: You cannot enter nor participate in any tournaments for Live Baccarat at W88 Casino. This feature hasn’t become available yet. However, we remain hopeful that tournaments will be introduced to W88’s Live Baccarat.


Since launching in 2013, W88 Malaysia has created an immersive & exciting experience for players to enjoy. Nothing has stopped their growth, as millions of players from Taiwan to Malaysia have registered an account with W88 Casino. We recommend you follow suit & receive the 20% RM600 Welcome Bonus to maximize your potential after registration.

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