How to Open an Account at W88 Malaysia

As one of Malaysia’s preeminent online betting sites, W88’s official website offers an abundance of betting opportunities that are specifically chosen to meet the growing demand for high-quality betting products. Primarily known as a sportsbook and casino, Malaysians choosing to register at W88 can look forward to lottery games, person-to-person games, and fishing games, to name a few.

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Beyond the betting opportunities, W88 is best known for their extensive promotional offerings, and that means for those who want to qualify for the bonuses and special promotions offered by W88, registration is a must. And since W88 offers Malaysians bettors the option to choose between desktop and mobile applications, we have included instructions on how to register through its desktop site, mobile site, and mobile lite app.

How to Open a Desktop Account at W88

Creating a desktop account at W88 Casino is a fast and efficient process that doesn’t take more than several minutes. It’s free to register and opens the door to an assortment of sportsbook and casino welcome bonuses As opening a desktop account at W88 is a step-by-step process, those steps have been included below.

Step 1: Visit W88 and register an account

Interested players must visit the W88 Malaysia homepage to begin the registration process. This starts with clicking the “Join Now” on the homepage, and once the registration page opens, fill out all the details being requested by W88.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form and submit details

The filling out of the registration form and submitting your details is a minimum requirement that must be met before you can begin the verification process. As the registration form at W88 requests you create a username, password and provide personal information such as the following:

• Username – This must be unique and may consist of letters and numbers

• Password – All passwords must contain a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters

• Currency – This requires you select your national currency for deposits and withdrawals

• Full Name – Your full name exactly as it appears on your national identification

• Email – Your registered email address W88 can forward promotional materials, deposit receipts and other account information

• Mobile Number – An activated mobile number for account confirmation purposes and to receive promotional updates from W88

• Date of Birth – Your date of birth as shown on legal documents such as your birth certificate or driver’s license

Step 3: Deposit at W88 and begin playing

Prior to being able to deposit at W88 and begin playing, newly registered members will need to verify their email or mobile number and enter their banking details. After verification and banking details have been entered, depositing at W88 is as simple as:

• Clicking “Deposit”

• Selecting “Bank Transfer”

• Entering the amount to be deposited

• Selecting your bank account

• Clicking “Deposit”

How to Open a Mobile Account at W88

The process of how to open a mobile account at W88 is, for the most part, the same as opening a desktop account. Fortunately, members from Malaysia have the option to open an account via a mobile site, or if they prefer, they can download and install a mobile app.

While opening a mobile account at either is similar, they are slightly different. Therefore, we have included the steps involved for both the mobile site and the W88 mobile betting apps that are offered for iOS or Android smart devices.

Step 1: Click “Join” to open a W88 account

Registering an account is required to download the W88 Lite App. Players can create an account by accessing the mobile browser version of W88. They will need to provide the same personal details we mentioned above to complete their registration.

Mobile Website:

• Open your preferred mobile browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox ) to access W88 Mobile

• Begin the registration process and provide the required information

• Submit this information and verify your account to complete the registration process

W88 App:

• Open W88 using your mobile device and tap the “smartphone icon”

• Choose your preferred W88 app and download to your device

• Once downloaded and installed, tap the join button to open an account

• Fill out the required information and submit it by tapping “Join”

Step 2: Fill Out the W88 Registration form & submit details

The information that is requested when opening a mobile account is also identical to the information desktop users must submit. Resultantly, the information you will need to provide W88 as a mobile bettor while opening an account includes:

• Username – Creating a unique username with at least six characters

• Password – Creating a secure alphanumerical password

• Currency – Select your default currency for deposits and withdrawals

• Full Name – Entering your given name as it appears on government documentation

• Email Address – Entering a valid email address where verification codes and promotional offers can be sent

• Mobile Number – Providing a mobile number that is active

• Date of Birth – Enter your DOB to verify that you’re over the required age limit

Step 3: Verify your personal information and email address

As previously mentioned, in order to use a W88 account, members must verify the information they entered during the process of registration. The verifying of personal information is a requirement of all betting establishments licensed by the First Cagayan Gaming Authority. It requires that W88 must ensure each registered member send the following verification documents:

• National Identity Card that shows your name and date of birth

• Utility bill in your name that shows your address

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How to protect your account at W88

While using a W88 account is safe thanks to the multiple safety precautions W88 takes to protect itself and its customers, there are other steps that be taken to ensure the integrity of their accounts. Following the recommendations below will thwart the risk of cybercriminals accessing their personal data. This can be avoided when following these three steps:

Ensuring your data is Accurate: It is the responsibility of every member to ensure the data W88 has on file is accurate. This includes your correct mailing address, mobile phone number, date of birth and banking information.

Creating a Strong Password: It is recommended to create passwords that use a combination of special characters, upper/lower case letters and alphanumerical numbers. In addition, it is advisable to frequently change your password to ensure its integrity is never compromised.


For some, the process of registering at an online betting site can create many to question the validity of the betting site. However, registering with a licensed betting site such as W88 follows a regimented series of steps that are designed to protect the information being shared and protect every customer at W88. Therefore, you are safe to proceed with registering with W88, and the task is easily accomplished without any risk of your information being intercepted.