How to Identify A Low Variance Slot at W88

Identifying the variance of an online slot is critical for new players to understand when playing slots at W88 Casino. If you are a frequent slot player, you may already know that slots are placed into one of three variance categories – low, medium, and high. It is the variance of a slot that determines its hit frequency.

What is important for novice slot players to know is that there is a reason why there are low, medium, and high variance slots. The problem for most slot players, and one we will discuss in detail, is how to identify low variance slots at W88 Malaysia. By understanding the basics of identifying a low variance slot, you will be able to confidently know which slot offers a lower variance and avoid any pitfalls that come with playing higher variance slots.

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The purpose of this article is to explain what is a low variance slot, but more importantly, this article will teach you how to identify a low variance slot, how to pick a low variance slot, discuss whether you should play a low variance slot and include a list of the top 5 low variance slots offered by W88.

What is a Low Variance Slot?

A low variance slot, by definition, is one that pays out more frequently than those that are categorized as a medium or high variance slot. What that means is that while the slot pays more frequently, the amount of each win tends to be less. For casual players, this is ideal as it increases the entertainment value and, over time, that has an attractive impact on their bankroll.

However, while more frequent wins are one of the attractive aspects of a low variance slot, another is the advantage of being able to hand-pick the number of paylines you play. Many use it as a form of bankroll management and, in the process, accumulate wins on the lines you have activated.

This is considerably easier for newcomers and one many will find appealing, especially when combined with the inclusion of slot features such as bonus games, wild symbols, free spins, multipliers, and scatter symbols. Considering the frequency they hit in a low variance slot, the wins may not be anything to brag about, but they can add up.

How to Pick A Low Variance Slot at W88?

Selecting a low variance slot isn’t complicated, but there are some telltale signs you need to know in order to identify a low variance slot. First and foremost, the paytable is a big indicator in identifying a low variance slot, as are the number of symbols and the payouts for combinations of three, four or five symbols.

This identification method is a telltale sign as the more symbols that can fall into position, and the amounts they pay indicate a slot’s variance. Subsequently, the first step to picking a low variance slot is reviewing its paytable, determining how many symbol combinations are featured on its reels and taking a close look at the amounts they pay.

In addition, another tip for low slot variance identification is to preview the different bonus features that can be triggered. The more features a slot has, the more likely it fits the definition of a low variance slot. If, after previewing and studying the slots paytable, you still are unsure, your best bet is to play the game in demo mode (play for free). This will allow you to experience the slot firsthand and, using the skills we have taught you, determine if the slot is low variance.

Should I Play A Low Variance Slot At W88?

If you are the type of player who likes to see less frequent but larger payouts, then a medium or high variance slot is more suitable for your playing style. However, if you’re one who likes to see frequent wins and you enjoy the entertainment value from playing a slot, then the answer is, you should play a low variance slot.

Another justification for slot players unsure about whether they should play a low variance slot is the value they place on bonus features. Invariably, it is the bonus features that most seem drawn to, and the frequency in which they hit is a big factor in a slot’s overall appeal.

Therefore, to help you get started with low variance slots, W88 Casino has chosen to p[partner with a variety of software developers who are known for this type of slot. Namely, that includes Microgaming, Play’n Go, Gameplay Interactive and QTech, and as you will see below, the variety of low variance slots is as entertaining as their themes and potential payouts.

Top 5 Low Variance Slots at W88

W88 Casino has found an unexpected market with low variance slots, as many from Malaysia have grown fond of these games. Naturally, that has resulted in W88 opting to increase their game the number of low variance slots, and expectantly, there are several low variance slots that stand out as crowd favourites. To prove our point, we have tested and included a list of five low variance slots that are perfect for anyone who plays slots at W88.

108 Heroes – Microgaming

108 Heroes from Microgaming is a 5 reel, 15 payline video slot that is based on an eastern culture theme. With multiple symbol payouts, free spins, scatters, multipliers, and wilds, it is the perfect example of a low variance slot. Best of all, it offers a maximum payout of 2500 coins and countless other opportunities.

Bikini Beach – Gameplay Interactive

Gameplay Interactive brings you a summer adventure unlike any other with Bikini Beach. This 5 reel and 30 payline slot features an assortment of low variance features such as multiple symbols, lots of winning symbol combinations, free spins, expanding wilds, and not one but two bonus games.

Atlantis Queen – Playtech

Atlantis Queen from Playtech Gaming offers 5 reels and 25 paylines and features multiple bonus rounds that lead to additional features. Among the many low variance features this slot includes are multipliers, wild symbols, scatters, free spins, and a top payout of 5000 coins.

5 Lions Megaways – Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play’s 5 Lucky Lions is a 6 reel megaways slot that offers both low and medium variance payouts. With the option to activate a tumble feature, wild symbols, wild multiplier, scatters, and bonus buys, this is one low variance slot that can produce wins of mega proportions.

House of Doom – Play’n Go

Play’ n Go’s House of Doom is another of 5 reel, 10 payline low-variance slot offered at W88. Packed with bonus features like scattered wild and free spins, it also boasts bonus multipliers and the chance at winning up to 250,000 coins, making this one of W88’s highest-paying low variance slot.


Regardless of the low variance slot played, the opportunities they deliver and the entertainment value they are known for make them worth the time invested. More importantly, as you develop the skills to identify a lower variance slot and develop a list of favourites, you will be adept at identifying new low variance slots whenever added to the growing list of low variance slots at W88.