How to Download W88 Poker App to MacOS or PC

Enjoy an immersive & exciting experience when registering an account at W88 Casino. You’ll find an assortment of gambling products at W88, including an online sportsbook & poker application. But how do you install this application?

Throughout this article, we will explain how players can download the W88 Poker App on their iOS or Android smartphone. It’s noted that additional support is provided through Windows and MacOS. Anyone can download this application by following a three step guide, as shown below.

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• Step 1 – Visit W88 Malaysia and Choose P2P Poker

Downloading the W88 Poker App requires players to first visit the casino’s homepage. Afterwards, they’ll need to create an account by entering information such as their home address, email address, date of birth, phone number, and legal name.

Keep in mind W88 Casino can verify this information at its discretion, and any incorrect details that are incorrect will result in the closure of that account. As such, it’s pertinent that players enter the correct information when registering an account.

After providing W88 Casino with your personal information, players are requested to select their preferred payment method. There are new options to choose from, with direct bank transfers being most common.

You can choose from various banking institutions like Maybank, CIMB, RHB, or HSBC. Once players have selected their payment method, deposits are required to start playing. After the deposit is finalized, punters can experience the W88 Poker Application for the first time.

• Step 2 – Select the PC Application to Download W88 Poker

After you have completed the registration & depositing requirements at W88 Casino, players can download the W88 Poker App onto their smartphone or desktop via the P2P section. This is accomplished by following a redirectable link that prompts an APK File via your browser.

The APK File is saved to your respective device, where players can begin the installation process. It shouldn’t take longer than five minutes for the W88 Poker App to download. However, poor bandwidth could cause the installation to take longer.

• Step 3 – Follow the Setup Process for W88 Poker

As previously mentioned, W88 Casino has a redirectable link that allows players to download the W88 Poker App. This linked website will proceed to verify which operating system you are using and then begin the download.

After the download has been completed, players will be requested to choose from numerous languages, including Bahasa and English. Additional languages include French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish.

As wagers with the W88 Poker App are not possible until bettors have deposited into their account, we should mention that the minimum required to deposit at W88 Poker is RM30. However, due to the new player welcome bonuses, we recommend depositing more to maximize the value that is possible as a result of the welcome bonus.

W88 Poker App Best Features on MacOS and Windows

Players aren’t limited to traditional poker websites anymore, as technological advancements have allowed betting establishments like W88 Casino to create an application that’s dedicated to online poker. However, we recommend players download the W88 Poker App onto their desktop over their smartphone as You receive additional security when using this application on a Windows or MacOS desktop.

Legal & Safe Poker: As previously mentioned, secured gameplay is provided to registered members at W88. You are protected by SSL-Encrypted Programs that safeguard all financial and personal information. Additionally, W88 Casino is licensed with the PAGC (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation). This means any illegal activity isn’t tolerated at W88 Malaysia. Players can feel safe as a result.

Massive Tournaments: Multiple tournaments are offered per week through the W88 Poker App. These competitions have significant prize pools where thousands can be won. However, larger bankrolls are typically required to participate in these tournaments. Unless that tournament is offered with free admission by W88.

Dozens of Poker Tables: The W88 Poker App has a wide selection of tables available to registered members. This includes variants like Open Face Chinese Poker, Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha. and No-Limit Hold’em. As such, gambling opportunities are endless for players that participate with this application.

Spectator Mode: Newcomers can use the spectator mode to increase their skill sets. This is accomplished by spectating other players on a poker table. By watching those other players, an assortment of tips & tricks are taught to the spectator. This can also apply towards betting strategies.

Demo Mode: After using the spectator mode, players are recommended to employ these strategies with a Free-to-Play version of Texas Hold’em. This will enable players to practice any betting strategies they have learned from other players. It’s noted that demo modes are meant for beginners. Anyone with experience is recommended to practice their strategies with real-money wagers.

W88 Poker FAQ

Q: Is the W88 Poker App Safe?

A: Yes, the W88 poker app is safe and meets all encryption protection recommendations as required by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

Q: How much does the W88 Poker App Cost?

A: The W88 Poker App is free to download and use, meaning it there is no cost involved with the app.

Q: What is the Lowest Table Limit at W88 Poker?

A: The lowest table limit for the W88 Poker App is RM25.

Q: Can I Enter Two Tournaments at Once?

A: Unfortunately, players cannot compete in more than one tournament at any given time.

Q: Is the W88 Poker App Legal in Malaysia?

A: Yes, the W88 poker app is legal in Malaysia as it is licensed by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

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