How to Contact W88 Support by Email and Live Chat

Launching in 2013, W88 Casino has provided an entertaining & expansive experience to registered members. Despite that, there are instances where players require the assistance of customer support. Fortunately, W88 Malaysia has provided an assortment of customer service options for players to utilize.

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Each option is straightforward & easy to use, as players are given answers to an assortment of questions within minutes. However, support representatives are trained thoroughly to answer numerous questions regarding W88 Casino should the automated service not provide you answers to your questions.

Answers are typically provided within 5 seconds to 3 minutes, but the timeframe depends on which question has been asked. However, registered members can expect a representative to be waiting, as W88 Malaysia has 24/7 Live Chat. To find out more about the customer service options at W88 Casino, read below.

Contacting W88 Support Agents

Three primary methods have been provided to contacting customer support at W88 Casino. These communication options can support an assortment of inquiries, including questions regarding the technical services of W88 Casino. We recommend that players start their inquiry with the 24/7 Live Chat option. However, email and skype are suitable replacements.

• Live Chat

The most convenient & popular form of communication with W88 Casino is Live Chat. It’s available to consumers on a 24/7 rotation, meaning that representatives are continually available. These support agents will provide answers to your questions within three minutes.

Select the Contact Us option on the right-hand side of W88’s homepage. Afterwards, click on the 24/7 Live Chat Member Service. This will prompt an additional window to open in the appearance of a messaging platform. It’s emphasized that players are initially greeted by artificial programs with predetermined responses. After detailing the circumstances of your inquiry, an agent will be provided within five minutes.

• Skype

W88 Customer Support is serviced via Skype, meaning that punters can contact representatives through the messaging platform. Additional support is provided through the calling options with Skype. To contact support representatives through Skype, players are required to select the Contact Us sub-page. Afterwards, click on the W88CS.Help option to enter your Skype ID. This will prompt an immediate response from support agents. As such, some players would argue that Skype is superior to the 24/7 Live Chat Member Service.

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• Email

Since launching in 2013, Email has been a consistent & reliable option for customer support. It guarantees a response to numerous inquiries. However, timeframes involved with using the email option are greater than the Live Chat or Skype services. It could take upwards of 24 Hours for support agents to provide a response.

Therefore, players are recommended to use the email option when their inquiries don’t require immediate attention. Anyone needing immediate attention to their inquiry are recommended to use the Live Chat or Skype services at W88 Malaysia.

Accessing the W88 Customer Support Email isn’t challenging. Players must select contact us on the W88 Homepage. This will take players to an additional webpage, where all customer support options are listed. Email will be included in this list. By selecting the email option, players will be prompted to provide their email address & to detail their inquiry. After that inquiry is submitted, 24 Hours will be needed for response times.

Other Ways to Contact W88 Support

Three additional options are provided within the W88 Customer Support Service. This includes Telegram, Line, and the W88 1-800 Number. These additional options have been provided to maximize the satisfaction & care of customers. For more information on these support options, read below.

• W88 Telegram

Launching in 2013, Telegram became an international messaging service used by millions worldwide. This includes Malaysia, as thousands of verified members have been confirmed within the region. Punters can select the Telegram option at W88 Casino by visiting the Contact Us Webpage. Here, players will locate a QR Code that connects them with a support agent.

• W88 Line

Launching in 2011 with the Naver Corporation, Line Messages is a messaging platform with 600+ Million registered members. This significant userbase prompted W88 Malaysia to introduce a customer support option with Line. Similarly to Telegram, players can select Line Messages via the Contact Us Webpage at W88 Casino. Here, they’ll find QR Codes that link them with a support representative.

• W88 Contact Number

Contact numbers are provided through W88 Casino. This allows punters to communicate with support agents via landline or smartphone. You can call these agents by dialing +60 167490888. It won’t take longer than five minutes to reach a support representative when using the contact number. We emphasize that players requiring faster response times use the Live Chat or Skype options, with Telegram and Line Messages being great backup options.

What Can You Ask W88’s Customer Service?

As previously mentioned, W88 Malaysia supports numerous inquiries through their 24/7 Customer Service Platform. Despite that, some questions cannot be answered based on varying circumstances. It’s important that players understand which questions are tolerated and which are prohibited. As such, we have provided four examples of the inquiry options available to players.

• Account Related Inquires: Players with questions regarding the status of their account are allowed to request the assistance of support agents. It doesn’t matter which question is asked about an account, permitting that the account is yours, as representatives will always have an answer.

• Betting Inquiries: Questions pertaining towards the wagering options & betting capabilities at W88 Casino are allowed. For instance, players can inquire about bonuses that can accelerate their betting capabilities. Another example would be players contacting the support staff to request a limit be placed on their wagers. These questions & numerous others can be answered by support representatives.

• Deposit & Withdrawal Inquiries: Players requiring assistance with deposits or withdrawals are recommended to contact support agents at W88 Casino. These individuals are trained thoroughly to manage an assortment of issues regarding deposits and withdrawals. It’s guaranteed that a solution will be promptly found for your inquiry.

• Technical Issues: Any technical issues pertaining towards W88 Casino and your overall experience can be resolved by support agents. These technical issues are typically easy to resolve, with solutions provided in five minutes or less.


An accommodating & straightforward experience is provided to players that interact with the W88 Customer Support Platform. It’s typically argued that throughout Malaysia, W88 Casino provides the best support options available to consumers. This is amazing when cyou consider new punters can also receive an RM600 Welcome Bonus by registering an account. When you combine this with the 24/7 Customer Support, you know you’re in for a good experience.

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