Four Tips To Help You Win in Baccarat at W88

Creating an account with W88 Malaysia, rather that be through an online sportsbook or live casino, often leads bettors to wanting to gain an advantage Fortunately, registered members will find there are thousands of games to choose from when betting at W88 Casino, with online baccarat included being one of the most popular

Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with the betting techniques needed to play this strategic-minded game. Often, new Baccarat players will need to familiarize themselves on various strategies & techniques to maximize their potential. Fortunately, the four suggestions that have been provided below have proven themselves, worthy strategic adversaries.

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Despite the potential to sustain losses when playing online baccarat at W88 Malaysia, we have researched these techniques and have found that in most circumstances, punters have a 90% chance of increasing their win ratios. Therefore, we recommend new Baccarat bettors consider the following tips.

1. Always Bet on the Banker

Players have an improved chance at triggering payouts when betting on the banker, as this wager is considered the safest & most reliable for online baccarat. Most newcomers don’t understand why the banker is ranked amongst the best wagers, as this rule doesn’t apply to most table games. But the house edge is lowest at 1.17% when selecting the banker. This means overcoming the house edge becomes easier. However, bankers could require that punters payout a 5% commission whenever triggering a payout. This doesn’t apply in every circumstance.

2. Avoid Betting on a Tie

Unfortunately, tied bets have substantial house edges when interacting with online baccarat. Players would have to overcome a 1.36% house edge to become profitable on their wager. As such, most punters agree that the compensation provided for beating this house edge isn’t valuable. This has resulted in professional players considering the tie bet as null & void. These individuals won’t ever play hands that involve betting on the tie. Therefore, newcomers should perceive this suggestion as a rule of thumb.

3. Think Before using the Martingale System

Numerous betting systems have been created for online baccarat. Some are considered reliable, while others are considered horrible. It all depends on preference and bankroll management. Despite that, most professional players have agreed that the Martingale betting strategy should be avoided for newcomers. Why might you ask? The cost associated to using this wagering technique is massive, with punters needing bankrolls that exceed their normal deposits.

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The Martingale betting strategy requires punters to double-down whenever losses have been sustained. You are meant to repeat this process until an inevitable payout it won, which would provide players back with their losses and an additional profit. But this can be costly when sustaining several losses or more. Therefore, we recommend that new members at W88 Casino & Sportsbook avoid using the Martingale betting strategy. It could result in your bankrolls being depleted faster than expected.

It’s noted that the Martingale betting strategy has become popular with high-rollers, as this wagering technique has proven itself profitable in various circumstances. Newcomers shouldn’t use the Martingale betting strategy unless they have a substantial bankroll and previous experience with online baccarat.

4. Take Advantage of W88 Promotions

W88 Casino & Sportsbook has provided registered members with numerous promotions, including an assortment of welcome bonuses. Players that sign-up today can receive an RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus and facilitate those funds towards their online baccarat experience. It’s noted that punters must deposit the minimum of RM30 to qualify for this promotion. Moreover, there are terms & conditions that must be followed to ensure withdrawals are approved.

We recommend that newcomers review the terms & conditions before agreeing to the promotion. However, you shouldn’t notice any discrepancies with the W888 RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus. This promotion has impressed thousands and should do the same for you as there are dozens of live dealer games at the W88 Live Casino. As such, you aren’t limited to exclusively baccarat, as there are additional options available for blackjack, keno, and roulette.


Congratulations, you have the knowledge needed to approach live baccarat at W88 Casino. We hope this article has been informative for you and has provided the confidence needed to approach your wagers with conviction. Either way, it’s unlikely that anyone reading will find their experiences at W88 Casino as boring.

Moreover, this online casino has maintained an incredible reputation since first launching in 2013. Why wouldn’t you want to play baccarat at W88? It’s amazing! Find out today by creating an account and receiving the RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus.

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