Four Betting Strategies for Three Card Poker at W88

Players can trigger additional payouts by implementing efficient betting strategies when playing Three Card Poker at W88 Casino. However, training is required to execute these strategies. Therefore, explanations have been provided throughout this extensive guide about Three Card Poker. Readers will learn about Ante Bets, Side Bets, and Betting Limits when reviewing this guide. Moreover, additional information is provided on the available bonuses W88 Casino offers for Three Card Poker.

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Three Card Poker is developed with three betting limits. Gameplay Interactive wanted players to have financial alternatives with their bankroll when playing Three Card Poker. As such, punters depositing the minimum into W88 Casino can wager anywhere from RM2 to RM500. That amount can be increased by selecting the second and third betting limits, which maintain betting limits at RM5 to RM1000 and RM10 to RM2500.

Gameplay Interactive has developed Three Card Poker with a random number generator. Therefore, players don’t compete against live dealers. This allows punters to implement their betting strategies without the concern of being out-strategized by dealers. As such, memorizing the information we’ve provided below is beneficial for readers. Continue onwards to learn about the best betting strategies available for Three Card Poker.

1. Memorize the Winning Combinations

It’s advantageous for players to memorize the payout combinations & winning hands in Three Card Poker. By having an advanced knowledge of these winning combinations, punters can maximize their profit margins. However, it’s recommended that participants test their knowledge of the winning combinations by experiencing Gameplay Interactive’s Free-to-Play Version of Three Card Poker. This will allow punters to memorize the winning hands & payout combinations without having to deposit funds into their account.

It’s recommended that punters educate themselves on the following hands. Additional information about these winning combinations is provided through our website. We recommend that interested players review our guide to the winning combinations of Three Card Poker, as you’ll gain a superior knowledge of the betting requirements. You’ll learn about the following hands:

• Two of a Kind
• Flush
• Straight
• High Card
• Straight Flush
• Three of a Kind
• Mini Royal Flush

2. Responsible Betting

Players are recommended to limit the amount they’ll deposit into W88 Casino. It’s suggested that these individuals deposit the maximum of 30% their income, as anything higher could be deemed concerning. Players want to retain funds to ensure necessities like utilities & rent are paid. As such, players should retain 70% of their income when betting within an online environment. Anyone that’s depositing more than 30% are recommended to contact regulatory institutions like GamCare, as they’ll provide punters the programs & tools needed to gamble responsibly in the future.

3. Bet the Minimum on Ante Bets

Payouts can substantially increase when utilizing Ante Bets in Three Card Poker. Unfortunately, punters make unforeseen mistakes by wagering more than required with the Ante Bet. It’s recommended that players wager the lowest amount possible, as Ante Bets are guaranteed to provide payouts. Therefore, any losses sustained from failed wagers will result in minimal damage to your bankroll. Punters that wager higher volumes will face shortages in their bankroll, resulting in the possible need for additional deposits. We recommend avoiding secondary deposits to ensure that the 30% Income Rule is applied.

4. Side Bets in Three Card Poker

Similar to the Ante Bet, Punters can institute Side Bets in Three Card Poker. These Side Bets are typically combined with the Ante Bet to create an unexpected pairing that could result in substantial payouts. Unfortunately, training is needed to combine the Ante and Side Bets with confidence. Players should expect losses during their initial wagers. It’ll take practice to master this betting strategy.

However, memorizing this betting strategy cant result in higher prizes that exceed payouts of RM100 to RM500. We recommend that players train themselves on this strategy by using the demo-based version of Three Card Poker from Gameplay Interactive.

Common Mistakes Players Make in Three Card Poker

Combining the suggestions we’ve provided for you is important to creating an efficient betting strategy. However, readers should also avoid three mistakes that are commonly made in Three Card Poker. Explanations have been provided below on the most common mistakes, with the hopes that our readers will avoid them in their first playthrough of Three Card Poker. For more information on these mistakes, look below.

• Multiple Strategies: Untrained players will change their betting strategy mid-game, believing the change will confuse the random number generator into triggering additional payouts. It’s recommended that novice punters avoid changing their betting strategies, as losses are more likely than increased payouts.

• Side Bets: We recommended that punters implement Side Bets when the moment is best. However, you shouldn’t prompt these Side Bets with every normal wager. This will overwhelm your bankroll, resulting in unneeded losses of your deposited funds. Therefore, players wanting to add towards their regular wagers with every betting round are recommended to use Ante Bets. These wagers are considered less risky with the RNG.

• Wagers: There isn’t any mistake made more by novice players than wagering a high amount. Betting RM100 or RM2500 per round isn’t advantageous towards the bankroll. Instead, we recommend that punters wager anywhere from RM20 to RM50. This will allow bankrolls to become prolonged, with players maintaining an increased opportunity at triggering payouts.


Congratulations on completing our straightforward but thorough guide into Three Card Poker. We hope the suggestions & betting strategies we’ve provided were beneficial towards your acquisition of payouts. If you’re interested in playing Three Card Poker at W88 Casino & Sportsbook, we recommend registering an account today. You can receive a 20% Welcome Bonus for the Casino and an RM30 Free Credit for the Sportsbook.

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