Eight Tricks for Roulette in 2022 at W88

Established in 2013, W88 Malaysia has become an illustrious casino throughout the last decade. As such, thousands of players have registered an account to participate in the numerous games that are available with W88-My. Moreover, these individuals have been greeted by various promotions like the 20% RM600 Welcome Bonus that is perfect for playing Roulette and other games like blackjack at W88.

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We’re going to focus our attention to Live Roulette at W88 Casino, as this gambling product provides immersive gameplay that’s constructed around realism. Despite that, some players aren’t aware of what Live Roulette entails because of their inexperience with online betting. Fortunately, detailed information has been provided below to educate novice players on Live Roulette. You’ll find eight suggestions below that explain everything from hedge betting to bankroll management. For more information, continue reading.

1. The Different Kinds of Roulette

When playing Roulette at W88 Malaysia, players will notice they have the choice between playing American Roulette, French Roulette, and European Roulette. All three versions have minor differences separating them in-terms of gameplay. Despite that, the most favoured of the three is American Roulette as it features a double zero, while European and French Roulette do not However, there isn’t an overall impact to the gameplay as the RTP for each is 97.30%.

2. Learning the Basics

Understanding the fundamentals of Live Roulette is essential to competing for the highest payouts. Therefore, novice players should know there are thirty-seven numbered positions within a Roulette Board. These positions correlate to potential payouts, meaning that punters wager on these positions. Payouts will be determined by where the ball lands on the Roulette Wheel. Within the structure of the Roulette Wheel, “Outside” and “Inside” sections are used placing bets on the Roulette board, as are sections for odds/evens and red and white bets.

3. Mastering Outside Bets

Depending on the bankroll, outside wagers are favored over inside bets. The reward pool is smaller when selecting an outside wager, but the likelihood of winning is exponentially increased. Therefore, we recommend novice players select outside bets that focus on the Red/Black and Odd/Even positions. For instance, selecting a Red/Black with an 1-18 numbered position would be beneficial. This also applies to Odd/Evens in the 19-36 bracket. It’s recommended that novice players with smaller budgets implement this form of betting, as it’s cost-effective.

4. Playing Multiplayer Roulette

Players aren’t limited to Live Roulette at W88 Malaysia, as Multiplayer Roulette is also supported. It’s recommended that novice players begin playing W88’s Multiplayer Roulette, as this will increase their likelihood of success. The advantage to Multiplayer Roulette is the version at W88 is a network progressive, meaning it includes a progressive jackpot that can result in substantial wins. However, bettors opting for multi-player will benefit from having a larger bankroll so they can hedge their bets in hopes of hitting the jackpot.

5. Demo Modes

Mastering Live Roulette doesn’t require players deposit an exorbitant amount of money into their account. Instead, punters can play bemo-based variations of Roulette at W88 Casino that they can use to practice various betting techniques without having to deposit into their account. However, payouts won throughout these demo modes cannot be withdrawn through a banking provider. This means FTP Roulette is meant for training purposes only. Moreover, don’t prioritize betting strategies when focusing on demo-based variations of Roulette. These strategies are unreliable, as Live Roulette is considered a game of chance and players have zero impact on the payout ratio and that means everyone has an equal opportunity at winning, regardless of the strategy used.

6. Hedging Your Bets

Novice players unfamiliar with Live Roulette won’t know the benefits of Hedge Betting, as this form of wagering is meant to accentuate the opportunity one has at triggering payouts. It’s recommended that punters combine “Straight Bets’ by focusing on the Odds/Evens and Red/Blacks. Players can also prioritize the cornered positions on the Roulette Wheel when focusing on these straight bets. In turn, payout opportunities should be maximized for players.

7. Reviewing the Past Results

Another method to increase the likelihood of winning is reviewing the results of previous betting rounds within that Live Roulette session. These prior results will identify payout patterns, meaning that punters would have a pre-emptive notice on which wagers are best to select. In most circumstances, these results will reveal winning patterns within that Roulette Wheel. This could include Red/Blacks and Odd/Evens in the 19-36 Bracket. Either way, we recommend novice players master this technique to maximize their payout potential.

8. Budgeting Your Bankroll

An important component to online gambling is bankroll management. It’s essential that players manage their bankrolls, as betting sessions are prolonged & payout opportunities are increased. Moreover, budgeting how much will be wagered typically allows players to prioritize other financial obligations in their life. This means utility, mortgage, and rent payments should be covered long after the betting session has ended. It’s noted that various online classes are available to educate players on bankroll management.


Congratulations, you have learned the essential components involved to participating in Live Roulette at W88 Malaysia. We recommend that new players register an account and receive the 20% RM600 Welcome Bonus, as experiences are increased tenfold when selecting this promotion. The additional funds provided should enable players to maximize their payout opportunities within Live Roulette. So, what could you possibly be waiting for?

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