Eight Tips & Tricks for Playing Baccarat at W88

Revolutionary gameplay awaits anyone that registers an account with W88 Casino, as this online betting establishment has created an immersive experience constructed around an expansive catalogue. Moreover, monthly promotions are introduced to registered members. These lucrative bonuses assist in generating additional payouts when interacting with games like Live Baccarat at W88 Malaysia.

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However, what’s needed to maximize the profitability of these promotions when playing Live Baccarat? We will inform you throughout this article, as eight tips & tricks are made to educate readers on the regulations and gameplay associated to Live Baccarat. After reviewing this article, players will be poised to acquire the 20% RM600 W88 Casino Welcome Bonus

• Learn the Rules

Baccarat isn’t complicated to understand. However, it’s imperative that players educate themselves about the rules & dealing requirements to Baccarat as at some point, punters will take act as the dealer. This is part of the gameplay requirements to Live Baccarat.

Therefore, knowing that cards are dealt from the “Shoe” is crucial as you will have to learn how the “Shoe” works to properly deal when your turn arrives. Other than the dealer positions moving clockwise, the betting aspect isn’t to Live Baccarat isn’t difficult. Punters will have to choose between the “Dealers Hand” or “Players Hand” when making a wager. The hand standing closest to nine will trigger the payout.

• Know How the Cards are Scored

Similar to Live Blackjack, Baccarat requires that players total their hand value. Whoever maintains the hand closest to nine will trigger the table payout. However, unlike Live Blackjack, it isn’t frowned upon when punters count their hand values total. It’s recommended when participating in Live Baccarat as you want hands ranging between 7-9, as this provides the best opportunity to triggering payouts. But there’s some unexpected circumstances novice punters must know.

For instance, lower valued hands ranging between 3-6 could require an additional card. This would be adeptly named the “Third Card”, but it’s risky considering that the next card dealt could increase the hands value by an astronomic amount. In turn, payouts wouldn’t be likely. It’s imperative that novice players learn how to utilize the third card to their advantage.

• Free-to-Play Baccarat

Understanding when to utilize the third card requires patience and understanding. Therefore, we recommend that novice players exploit the benefits of Free-to-Play Baccarat. This will allow punters to place themselves within numerous betting situations without jeopardizing their deposited bankroll. As such, demo-based versions of Baccarat are perfect for training purposes. Moreover, novice players will gain a superior understanding of the rules & regulations when participating in Free-to-Play Baccarat. You can play “Three Faces Baccarat” at W88-My for free today.

• The Banker & Player Odds

As previously mentioned, Live Baccarat is constructed around a straightforward & simplistic experience. This also applies towards the betting odds, as the Bankers Hand and Players Hand have different odds. The Bankers Hand is listed at 1.06%, and the Player’s Hand is records at 1.24%. Despite that, odds can increase to 14.4% when ties are produced. Fortunately, this rarely happens within the Live Baccarat setting.

• Identifying a Winning Streak

By reviewing the odds, players are able to determine that the Banker’s Hand is more profitable. This is true, as winning margins are estimated at 55% or higher for this wagering option. But losses are possible when selecting the Banker’s Hand. Therefore, players want to review their previous betting rounds & the winning patterns. Identify when the Banker’s Hand switched over to the Player’s Hand. Afterwards, try to replicate those conditions whenever winning streaks are active. The longer the streak, the greater the profit.

• Avoid Betting Strategies

Betting strategies aren’t required to participate in Live Baccarat. Quite the contrary, as Baccarat is considered a game of chance. That means everyone maintains equal opportunity to trigger payouts. Therefore, suggestions of the perfect betting strategy are typically false. We recommend that strategic players instead keep track of their payouts. This will enable them to locate various patterns within the payout margins. Those patterns can then be reapplied towards future betting rounds within Live Baccarat. However, we emphasize that payouts aren’t guaranteed when playing W88 Baccarat. Losses are possible at any time.

• Budgeting to Play

An imperative aspect to playing Live Baccarat is budgeting for the betting rounds. Otherwise, financial obligations players have within their regular lives could become affected. We advocate that our readers create a budget that’s inside their financial means of entertainment. If that isn’t more than RM30 per week, than don’t exceed that budget. It’s our belief that online gambling is more entertaining when financial stresses aren’t involved. Therefore, creating a monthly or weekly budget is beneficial on numerous levels.

• Gut Instinct Betting

Most betting sites wouldn’t suggest that players wager with their gut instinct. However, we disagree with their sentiments. It’s an enjoyable way to compete & in some instances, instinctual betting is required to trigger payouts. Some of the greatest gamblers within the last century have attested to that very thing, as instinctual betting is natural and has been for thousands of years. It’s just important to determine when that need for instinctual betting is required and when it isn’t.


Experiencing Live Baccarat at W88 Casino is enjoyable. The hostess governing these tables is professionally trained, and they are typically beautiful. As such, there’s an added level of realism when competing with W88 Malaysia. We believe there isn’t another betting establishment within Malaysia that can rival W88. Therefore, create an account today and receive the 20% RM600 Live Casino Welcome Bonus.

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