Eight Tips & Tricks for Live Fan Tan at W88

Online gambling has become widely accessible, with numerous betting establishments being available within the marketplace. Despite that, W88 Casino has managed to accelerate their reputation to become one of the best iGaming betting establishments in Malaysia. This wouldn’t have been possible without their game catalogue, which exceeds 1000+ titles.

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Live Fan Tan is supported within this extensive catalogue, which isn’t surprising considering the popularity associated to this game. Despite that, numerous players remain unfamiliar with the betting requirements & gameplay regulations for Live Fan Tan. Therefore, we have included tips and tricks as well as explanations below for novice players to assist punters as they progress throughout their experience with Live Fan Tan.

1. Traditional Fan Tan

When participating in Live Fan Tan at W88 Casino, Dealers will distribute 50-70 Beads that are broken down into various groups. These groups can contain anywhere from 1 to 4 Beads, with punters required to guess how many Beads/Buttons will be located within that grouping. This is considered the traditional way of playing Fan Tan, with W88 Casino not diverting from the standard gameplay. In turn, experiences remain faithful to the original variation of Fan Tan seen in the Chinese Qing Dynasty.

2. Spectate Players

Understanding how the 50-70 Beads are utilized within the various betting rounds isn’t challenging, as participants can spectate other players with Evolution Gaming’s version of Live Fan Tan at W88 Casino. By watching these competitors, punters can learn new methods to betting. They’ll also gain a superior understanding of how winning patterns are tracked. By learning this wagering method, additional prizes can be triggered.

3. Keeping Track of Previous Rounds

As mentioned above, tracking the previous betting rounds is needed to identify winning patterns. By revealing these winning patterns, cashback returns can be greater than previously estimated. This aspect to betting is considered the most crucial when participating in Live Fan Tan. Moreover, recording the payouts & counting the remaining beads isn’t frowned upon. The opposite applies when playing Live Fan Tan, as tracking and recording the previous betting rounds is encouraged.

4. Reading the Statistics

Gameplay statistics are viewable when playing W88’s Live Fan Tan. As such, punters can observe the statistics of everyone that competed within the last match. This will identify additional winning patterns that weren’t experienced by yourself. As such, educational information is revealed to punters about certain groupings within Live Fan Tan. We recommend that novice punters review the statistics before entering another match, as additional information will be provided to assist them in their acquisition of payouts.

5. Find the Betting Pattern

After punters have tracked their betting rounds & reviewed the statistics, betting patterns can be identified without challenge. It’s important to implement this information within your temporary strategy, which is continuing to replicate the previous conditions seen within the former betting round. In most cases, this is challenging to accomplish. But there are instances where punters can prompt additional payouts by highlighting the statistics and tracked betting rounds. It’s critical that players locate a superior betting pattern than their competition. This will ensure an increased volume of prizes.

6. Use the Side Bets

Experienced players will state that side bets aren’t needed within Live Fan Tan. However, we would disagree with their sentiments. Side wagers can prompt additional payouts that exceed the betting patterns you have located. This means an increased profit margin when the betting conditions are right. However, it’s recommended that when implementing these side wagers, players don’t exceed the minimum betting limit. These wagers aren’t meant to propel you towards significant prizes. They’re meant to generate a small income that can offset future losses. As such, consider these side bets are wagering insurance for when inevitable losses arise.

7. Advanced Side Bets

Advanced side wagers are available to punters. There are three of them available to whoever competes, with those including:

• Sheh-Sam-Hong: Players select three numbers with their wager. If those three numbers are correctly guessed, payouts are provided at 1:3 Odds. There is a 1.25% House Edge associated to the Sheh-Sam-Hong Side Bet.

• Nga Tan: Select from three numbers within a grouping, including one push number. Payouts are poised at 2:1 Odds for whoever guesses correctly. It’s stipulated that the Nga Tan bet has a 1.25% House Edge.

• Nim: Punters wager on two numbers, with one being a push number. Correctly guessing these numbers will result in payouts worth 2:1 Odds. However, there’s a 1.25% House Edge to consider with the Nim bet.

Understanding the perfect moment to implement these side wagers is crucial for players to maximize their profit margins when participating in Live Fan Tan. We recommend that players create a budget for their main wagers & side bets, as this will assist in maximizing the probability of payouts.

8. Create a Budget

Our final suggestion focuses on being financially responsible. It’s crucial that participants create a budget when playing Live Fan Tan at W88 Casino, as betting strategies aren’t supported for this game. Everything is based around chance, meaning that luck is considerably factored into the betting & gameplay of Fan Tan. Losses can be sustained unexpectedly, and punters creating an unrealistic budget could find themselves incapable of paying daily expenses like Gasoline or Food. We recommend at the highest level that budgets be created for safety purposes. Otherwise, unfavorable circumstances could befall novice players.

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Congratulations, you have learned the basic tips & tricks associated to Live Fan Tan. We hope this article has been informative and that it’ll send you towards the right direction when betting. Beginners shouldn’t be concerned with the difficult gameplay surrounding Live Fan Tan. Instead, take the opposite approach and get excited about learning something new as this could assist tenfold when targeting payouts at W88’s Live Fan Tan. So, what are you waiting for? Register an account today to find out what this game has to offer.

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