Beginners Guide to Playing Rooster Fight at W88

Created exclusively for W88 Casino in Southeast Asia, Rooster Fight provides an interactive & entertaining experience that can be played on smartphones or desktops. Players will need to register an account to participate in Rooster Fight, as W88 Casino maintains the online servers needed to run this game.

Fortunately, registration isn’t complicated for punters. Additional information is provided throughout this beginner’s guide on the requirements for registration. Moreover, feedback on the gameplay mechanics and betting options for Rooster Fight has been supplied throughout this beginner’s guide.

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We suggest that anyone interested in Rooster Fight inquire about the RM600 100% Welcome Bonus and RM30 Free Credit. These promotional opportunities will provide players with the financial abilities needed to wager at their full capacity. In return, substantial payouts can be generated.

To learn how those payouts are acquired, we recommend readers continue onwards with our beginner’s guide into Rooster Fight.

Payouts & Rules for Rooster Fight

Straightforward gameplay mechanics and betting options are constructed into Rooster Fight. As such, most players can approach this game without concern about being confused. Initially, the betting round begins with random number generators selecting two roosters.

One rooster is provided to the player, with the other rooster being awarded to the house. These two roosters will fight against one another based on a five-star system. Whichever rooster is strongest will stand victorious, meaning punters are awarded payouts.

The valuation of those payouts depends on how much is staked by competitors, with RM5 to RM25 being the recommended wager players should consider. This wager is reasonable in cost and can reward substantial payouts.

However, there’s a 50% Chance that punters will lose to the house. If that happens, wagers are rewarded back to the house. Therefore, punters should take into consideration how much they’re wagering against their bankroll.

There are x5  Roosters available in this game and each rooster maintains different payouts that vary based on the wager. However, the rewards generated from these payouts are minimal and this is where the small bets come into effect. As we said, wagering RM5 is the best option, but to provide some insight, additional information regarding the payout opportunities in Rooster Fight is provided below:

• Red Crown: RM1 to RM2.50 Payouts. Amount varies based on the wager.
• Pink Coco: RM0.90 to RM1.75 Payouts. Amount varies based on the wager.
• Purple Blaze: RM0.60 to RM1.50 Payouts. Amount varies based on the wager.
• Green Bob: RM0.50 to RM1 Payouts. Amount varies based on the wager.
• Golden Pecker: RM0.50 to RM1 Payouts. Amount varies based on the wager.

We recommend that punters read through the Terms & Conditions of Rooster Fight. This will provide players with any additional information they require regarding the betting options, payouts, or gameplay mechanics. For instance, punters would learn there are twenty-second intervals between the betting rounds by reading the Terms & Conditions.

Betting Tiers for W88’s Rooster Fight

W88’s Rooster Fight is constructed with three tiers of betting. This allows players with lower bankrolls to equally compete alongside high rollers. Moreover, payout options are balanced amongst all players regardless of their bankroll. Despite that, we recommend readers select the first betting tier to maximize the potential of their bankroll.

The funds required to compete within this betting tier aren’t extensive, meaning players can wager for longer periods without depleting their deposited bankroll. Additional information regarding these betting tiers is provided below. As previously recommended, we suggest punters remain within the first tier of betting and wager anywhere from RM5 to RM25.

• Tier One:RM2 to RM1000
• Tier Two:
RM5 to RM2000
• Tier Three: RM10 to RM3500

How to Play Rooster Fight at W88

Players maintain 24/7 accessibility to W88’s Rooster Fight after they’ve created an account and deposited. After accounts are verified via the Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation, punters can experience Rooster Fight by selecting the “Games” category from W88 casinos navigation menu.

Once the game is selected, it’ll load within seconds, and players will be requested to choose their preferred betting tier. Select the first tier of betting to start wagering anywhere from RM5 to RM25. Remember that punters can maximize their wagering potential by selecting the two additional tiers.

However, we would advise against readers betting the maximum amount of RM3500. Otherwise, additional information regarding the accessibility of Rooster Fight is provided below.

• Step One: Load the W88 Homepage and select Rooster Fight via the games category.
• Step Two:Choose your preferred wager within the three betting tiers.
• Step Three: Select your preferred coin size to begin wagering with W88’s Rooster Fight.

Players aren’t limited to playing Rooster Fight on their desktops. Additional support is provided through iOS and Android Devices, meaning smartphones and tablets. The mobile capabilities of Rooster Fight are identical to its desktop counterpart. As such, punters won’t have any difference in their overall experience.

Rooster Fight FAQ

Q: Is Rooster Fight Safe to Play?

A: Yes, SSL Encrypted Firewalls are incorporated into W88 Casino, meaning your banking information & identification details remain hidden from the outside world.

Q: How Much Can I Wager in Rooster Fight?

A: Players are authorized to wager anywhere between RM1 to RM3500. Betting the maximum amount could trigger substantial payouts. However, bankrolls will be depleted quickly.

Q: Where is Rooster Fight Most Popular?

A: Rooster Fight has become an iconic game throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. Overall, this game maintains significant popularity throughout the Southeast Asia Region.

Q: Is Rooster Fight Free to Play?

A: Demo modes are supported for Rooster Fight. Players can utilize this demo mode to test Rooster Fight before depositing. However, any payouts generated via the demo mode won’t be authorized for withdrawal. Players are required to fund their account and wager with real money to trigger withdrawable payouts.


Congratulations on completing our beginner’s guide to Rooster Fight. Readers will be pleased to learn that Rooster Fight isn’t constructed around strategic betting but simplistic entertainment. Therefore, the enjoyability factor of this game is substantial.

You don’t need to spend significant periods of time researching the gameplay mechanics, betting options, or payout opportunities to participate in Rooster Fight. Moreover, payout opportunities are equal for everyone playing. There isn’t any favouritism based on the deposited bankroll or wager. As such, Rooster Fight is perfect for low-betting punters that prefer entertainment over strategy.

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