Beginners Guide to Playing Live Roulette at W88

Since launching in 2013, W88 Casino has placed a large amount of its attention towards delivering an entertaining online betting experience for its registered members. Amongst the entertainment options W88 has complied since opening in 2013, live roulette ranks as one of the favourites while other table games such as blackjack, poker, and baccarat rank a close second.

Moreover, W88 Malaysia has focused on providing newcomers with a range of welcome bonuses upon their registration that can be used to play games like live roulette. For those who are unfamiliar with live roulette or who are new to the game, they will need to familiarize themselves with W88 roulette rules and understand what is required in order to prevent the depletion of their bankroll, let alone the quality of their gaming experience.

To assist beginners with playing live roulette, they first need to know that the roulette consists of a single zero and 36 numbers on slots that alternate between red and black. Next up is understanding how to place a bet and the process that follows:

• Start wagering on the inside or outside bets
• Betting ends once the dealer says, “No More Wagers”. .
• Dealers will throw the roulette ball into the spinning wheel.
• Roulette balls will stop on one of the thirty-six available positions.
• Players selecting the correct number, sector, or colour will be awarded with a payout.

Different Roulette Bets at W88

Roulette payouts are identified as betting groups and consist of two options, one for inside bets and the other for outside bets. As these are the two identifiable betting groups, it is imperative for beginners to become knowledgeable about the options these groups offer. This will allow beginners to maximize their profit margins and target their bets accordingly.

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Fortunately, understanding the difference between these two betting options isn’t difficult as both inside & outside bets refer to where wagers are placed on the roulette board. To provide insight into the options for inside bets, they include:

• Straight Up: Betting on a single number
• Split: Betting on two numbers adjacent to each other
• Street: Betting on three numbers on the same line
• Trio: Betting on the zero & two additional numbers
• Basket: Betting on a five number combination
• Six Line: Betting on two adjunct numbered lines
• Corners: Betting on four numbers in the corner of a roulette board

Naturally, outside bets are different as they pertain to a different location on the roulette board and are generally seen as side bets. They include:

• Betting on Colors: Red or black
• Even/Odd: Betting on odds or even numbers
• High/Low: Betting on the first half or second half of the roulette board
• Columns: Betting on any column on the roulette board.
• Dozens: Betting on the first, second or third dozen numbers.

In addition, beginners opting to play live roulette at W88 can further their knowledge about the game by visiting the W88 live casino, selecting a live casino game they wish to play and reading the rules of that particular variant.

How to Start Playing Live Roulette at W88

Below is a summary of the steps beginners will need to take to start playing live roulette at W88 Casino.

Step One – Registering & Depositing

• Choose to create an account with W88 Casino
• Provide the required banking details to confirm your account
• Select from an assortment of payment methods like Visa Credit, and deposit RM30
• Navigate W88 Malaysia to locate Club Palazzo. Here is where you’ll find Live Roulette

Step Two – Betting on Live Roulette

• Choose from W88’s catalogue of Live Roulette content
• Place the minimum wager of RM 0.55 at W88 Casinos Club Palazzo

Roulette FAQ for W88 Casino

Q: Does W88 Casino have demo modes for Live Roulette?

A: Unfortunately, W88 does not offer the ability to access a demo mode version of the game. This is due to the nature of its being live, meaning only real-money wagers are accepted.

Q: Are there bonuses for W88 Live Roulette?

A: w88 continually adds a variety of promotions every month, with many of those being usable within the live casino.

Q: What are the best odds for Live Roulette at W88?

A: Straight up bets provide the best odds in Live Roulette, with those paying 35:1.

Q: Is W88 Live Roulette suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, roulette doesn’t require any formal training, meaning it is a suitable game for beginners to play.

Q: Are there tournaments available for W88 Live Roulette?

A: Unfortunately, tournaments are not offered at W88 Casino for Live Roulette.


Now that you have completed our beginner’s guide to playing live roulette at W88, now is the time to open an account, make a deposit and apply the knowledge you have just learned. With multiple live roulette games to choose from and a live casino instant cash rebate of up to 0.08%, the timing couldn’t be better! And for players from Malaysia, they can qualify for an exciting welcome bonus, VIP perks and more!