Beginners Guide to Dragon Ball Fishing at W88

Throughout 2023, the Malaysian iGaming Market has continued to expand, prompting unexpected games like Dragon Ball Fishing to reach new levels of popularity. This is surprising, considering that Dragon Ball Fishing is exclusive to W88 Casino & Sportsbook.

However, this game’s versatile nature has allowed it to become popular in regions like Malaysia and Indonesia. For instance, there are three variants offered, with each offering a different minimum and maximum win multiplier. Those variants and minimum and maximum win multipliers include Abyss Treasure (100x to 2000x),  Mermaid Cost (1000x to 10,000x) and Dragon Ruins (5000x to 50,000x).

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We have provided our readers with an informative guide to W88’s Dragon Ball Fishing. This guide explores the betting options, gameplay mechanics, and themes that are supported in Dragon Ball Fishing. We recommend interested players continue reading to maximize their payout potential in DBF.

Important Things to Know for Dragon Ball Fishing

Understanding the gameplay mechanics & betting options in Dragon Ball Fishing isn’t complicated, as W88 Casino developed this proprietary game with straightforward rules. Therefore, before anyone plays this game, it is important that punters educate themselves on the rules & regulations of Dragon Ball Fishing. For instance, the objective of this game is to collect coins. Players then convert those coins into withdrawable funds. As such, betting strategies aren’t required for Dragon Ball Fishing.

• Gameplay: Dragon Ball Fishing is unique, as players are provided in-game cannons to eliminate numerous species of fish. This includes the Hammerhead Shark and Goldish. As players shoot down these fish, coins are acquired and converted into payouts. Those payouts can be withdrawn to various banking providers at W88 Casino, including HSBC and MayBank.

• Playtime: Dragon Ball Fishing doesn’t limit players in their playtime. Instead, players are provided with an unlimited timeframe to eliminate the aquamarine life before them. This allows punters to acquire numerous payouts without concern about the playthrough ending, as there is the potential to win thousands of coins in one sitting.

It’s possible to obtain an in-depth understanding of the betting options, playtimes, and gameplay requirements in Dragon Ball Fishing by participating in the demo. This version is free-to-play, meaning punters aren’t required to deposit.

How to Play The Dragon Ball Fishing Online at W88 Malaysia?

Accessing Dragon Ball Fishing at W88 Casino & Sportsbook isn’t difficult. Players won’t need more than five minutes to complete these two steps from beginning to end. Anyone that doesn’t complete these steps won’t be authorized to play Dragon Ball Fishing at W88 Casino. Therefore, readers should take the next part of this guide seriously.

• Step One: Visit W88 Casino & Register an Account

Players are required to register an account at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. Otherwise, wagering for payouts isn’t possible. Therefore, punters must visit the homepage to begin their registration process. This means providing your legalized name, home address, telephone number, date of birth, and email address. Anyone that doesn’t provide this information won’t be authorized to wager at W88 Casino.

• Step Two: Select Dragon Ball Fishing & Choose a Wager

Navigating the W88 Menu is possible after an account has been verified. Players will want to select the Fishing Category at W88. Here they’ll locate an assortment of games, including Dragon Ball Fishing.

Punters that select to participate in Dragon Ball Fishing must select from three themes, which act as in-game betting levels. For example, the Abyss Treasure offers a 100x to 1000x win multiplier, while Mermaid Coast and Dragon Ruins offer a 1000x to 10,000x and 5000x to 50,000x win multiplier, respectively.

These multipliers are incredibly high, and the amounts needed to be wagered increase as well. Therefore, we recommend that participants choose Abyss Treasure as wagering amounts are bankroll friendly in comparison to the other betting levels.

Three Dragon Ball Fishing Tips

Betting strategies aren’t needed to complete in Dragon Ball Fishing. However, punters can institute various techniques that could help improve their odds of triggering payouts. As such, we typically recommend the techniques below when it comes to discussing Dragon Ball Fishing as they provide players with an opportunity to maximise their payout potential.

• Time Management: Dragon Ball Fishing requires that punters effectively manage their time, as hours can pass in this game without somebody noticing. It’s recommended that players create 15-minute intervals so that punters can review their gameplay and review their bankroll. Anyone that believes they have enough funds to continue playing will then reset the 15-minute timer. The goal of this technique is to avoid spending more than 10% of your monthly salary.

• Shoot a Variety of Bigger & Smaller Fish: Gameplay wise, it’s suggested that players eliminate an array of aquamarine life to maximize their payout potential. This means focusing on smaller fish first, with larger fish being your secondary asset.


Congratulations on completing our guide to W88’s Dragon Ball Fishing. The information provided throughout this guide should enable readers to maximize their winnings while sustaining a bankroll that doesn’t cost more than 10% of their monthly income. Another suggestion players should consider with their finances is accepting W88’s 100% up to RM600 Welcome Bonus.

The welcome bonus is just part of the numerous W88 promotions that are rewarded to registered members at W88 Casino. For instance, a VIP Program is another of the perks for everyone who created an account. The VIP Program enables players to receive additional bonuses while also earning Cashback Rewards and VIP Points, and with those VIP Points, free credits are just one of the perks that players can avail.

So, with all that considered, why wouldn’t you click the link below and register an account today?

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