Beginners Guide for Three Card Poker at W88

Welcome to our beginner guide to Three Card Poker at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. Below, readers can locate detailed information regarding the gameplay and betting mechanics for Three Card Poker. Additionally, readers are given instructions on how to access the W88 Welcome Bonus. As such, we recommend that interested players utilize our guide to maximize their potential to win.

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Players that access Three Card Poker will compete against an RNG (Random Number Generator). It’s the objective of competitors to acquire a superior hand than the RNG Dealer. Fortunately, ascertaining these superior hands isn’t challenging, as Gameplay Interactive has created an equal playing ground for the dealer and punter. More information on these winning hands is provided below.

The Fundamentals of Three Card Poker

Discerning the fundamentals of Three Card Poker is essential for players to maximize their payout potential. Typically, there are four fundamental rules that punters must follow to expedite their payouts and withdrawals. Explanations on those fundamental rules are provided below. We recommend memorizing these guidelines to avoid any confusion when playing Three Card Poker.

• Betting Rounds: The betting round starts after players make their initial wager. Dealers will distribute three cards to themselves and the player. Afterwards, players can double down on their initial wager. Cards are then revealed, with payouts being awarded to the highest hand.

• Betting Limit: Three betting limits are placed into Three Card Poker. These betting limits range from RM01 to RM250, RM5 to RM500, and RM10 to RM1250. We recommend that beginners select the smallest betting limit to strengthen their bankroll.

• Betting Time: Players are provided ten seconds to place their chips and wager. Punters unable to wager within that timeframe won’t be authorized to compete within that betting round.

• Hand Ranks: Three Card Poker is constructed around a straightforward payout system. Whoever maintains the highest hand will trigger a payout. More information is below.

Exploiting these fundamental rules is possible for trained professionals. Therefore, beginners are recommended to utilize the demo version of Three Card Poker from Gameplay Interactive. This will allow beginners to train themselves and their betting strategy around the fundamental rules of Three Card Poker. As such, increased leverage over the acquisition of payouts is possible.

Payouts & Hand Rankings

Several hands are constructed into Gameplay Interactive’s Three Card Poker. Depending on the hand selected, it’s valuation could be greater than expected. Detailed explanations about the hand rankings in Three Card Poker is provided below:

• Mini Royal Flush: Suited hands with a Queen, King, and Ace – 100:1 odds.
• Straight Flush: Suited hands with a Seven, Eight, and Nine Clubs – 40:1 odds.
• Three of a Kind: Three identical cards with the same ranking – 30:1 odds.

• Straight: Hands with three cards of mixed suits and rankings – 5:1 odds.
• Flush: Hands with non-sequential cards of the same suit – 4:1 odds.
• Pair: Hands with two cards that maintain the same rank –1:1 odds.
• High Card: Highest card in the dealers & players hand – 1:1 odds.

Understanding the progression of these cards, hand rankings, and payouts is essential towards the acquisition of withdrawals. By maintaining this knowledge, players are better prepared to compete.

Accessing and Playing Three Card Poker at W88

Players must follow three guidelines to access Three Card Poker at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. Depositing and triggering payouts isn’t possible without the implementation of these steps. Fortunately, novice punters shouldn’t have any issues following these steps.

• Registration: Visit the W88 Casino & Sportsbook Homepage to select Join Now. Afterwards, complete the registration questionnaire by providing your personal details. Then wait the required time for your account to become verified and login.

• Depositing: Player’s logging into their account will be prompted to deposit. An assortment of payment options are provided for depositing and withdrawing. However, direct bank transfers are recommended. Utilize banking providers like CIMB or HSBC.

• Accessibility: After depositing, players are authorized to access Three Card Poker by selecting the games category in W88s Menu. This shouldn’t take longer than ten seconds.

Promotion Availability at W88 Casino & Sportsbook

Bonuses are distributed to registered members at W88 Casino. These bonuses are meant to incentive players into completing. However, promotions also assist with the acquisition of payouts by increasing the bankroll of punters. Numerous bonuses are available to punters through January and December 2023, with the following included:

• RM600 Slots Welcome Bonus at W88.
• RM150 Live Casino Welcome Bonus at W88.
• RM30 Free Credit at W88.

Players interested in Three Card Poker are recommended to select the RM30 Free Credit, as this promotion is applicable towards TCP. The additional funds provided to consumers will enable them to approach their wagers & payouts with greater confidence. However, reviewing the Terms & Conditions is recommended to beginners before accessing the RM30 Free Credit. These conditions will educate players on everything involved with this promotion, and what’s required to withdraw any payouts.


Lucrative playthroughs & unexpected withdrawals are possible with Three Card Poker. By completing this beginners guide into Three Card Poker, you maintain the knowledge needed to approach any betting situation with confidence.

Moreover, an understanding of the promotional benefits within W88 Casino has been gained. This combination should enable punters to assert themselves at the highest level of competition. Therefore, we recommend creating an account today to experience W88’s Three Card Poker.

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