Beginner’s Guide for Teen Patti at W88

In 2022, Teen Patti was ranked amongst the most popular games at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. This has prompted numerous players to research Teen Patti as their interest grows. Therefore, detailed explanations have been provided below in our introductory guide to Teen Patti. We recommend untrained players continue reading, as they’ll learn about the betting requirements and gameplay mechanics for Teen Patti.

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Moreover, additional information is also provided on the promotional bonuses available with W88 Casino. Upon completion of this guide, punters should maintain the knowledge needed to approach wagers with confidence at W88’s Teen Patti.

Important Rules for Playing Teen Patti

Straightforward betting is required when playing Teen Patti, as this game maintains similarities to Online Poker. For example, both the dealer and player receive three cards when playing Teen Patti. After two rounds of betting, whoever has the highest-ranked hand will trigger a prize.

At first, this could seem slow-paced. However, Teen Patti is considered amongst the fastest-paced games at W88. You can trigger numerous payouts within a short period. As such, bankrolls can be grown at unexpected rates of speed.

Understanding the betting requirements of Teen Patti is needed for competitive reasons. You’ll need to place an Ante Bet blindly against the dealer. After the Ante Bet is wagered, punters will receive their cards. They’ll become visible to exclusively yourself until the second round of betting. During this round, both player and dealer will reveal their first card as face-up. The remaining two cards will remain hidden until the betting round is completed.

Two betting options are provided in Teen Patti, with players being authorized to Fold or Check. We recommend that punters don’t check when they have an insufficient hand. Instead, folding is needed in these moments. By folding bad hands, players can extend the value of their bankroll. Therefore, it’s recommended punters exclusively check when they’ve got an ideal hand against the dealer.

Teen Patti Winning Hands & Card Ranks

Six winning combinations are supported in Teen Patti. However, triggering these payouts requires players to have certain cards in their hands. Explanations of which cards are required to compete are provided below. In most cases, punters will trigger winning combinations like the Pair or Trio. But remember, there aren’t any guarantees of winning when playing Teen Patti. Luck is also factored into this game.

• Trio: Three cards maintaining the same suit and ranking are required to trigger the trio winning combination in Teen Patti.

• Pair: Two cards maintaining an identical rank are needed to trigger the pair winning combination. Two Ace of Hearts would be the preferred hand.

• Color: This hand focuses on the suited cards in your hand. Therefore, punters want to have x3 Hearts or x3 Diamonds to maximize their payout potential.

• High Card: Players maintaining the highest card in both the dealer’s hand and their own will trigger the high card winning combination.

• Sequence: This payout doesn’t factor in the suits of cards. Instead, the ranking of cards are factored by the sequenced layout. An example would be a Joker, 10, and 9 in a single hand.

• Pure Sequence: This payout factors the suits and ranking of cards. Players would want their hand to maintain cards like the Ace of Hearts, King of Hearts, and Queen of Hearts.

Two Step Guide for Playing Teen Patti at W88

Follow our two-step guide to accessing Teen Patti at W88 Casino. These steps won’t take longer than five minutes to follow from start to finish. Below you’ll learn how to create an account at W88 while also being introduced to the depositing options & wagering limits in Teen Patti. Additional information is also provided on the RM600 Welcome Bonus at W88. By reviewing this information, you’ll be ready to start playing at any moment.

• Step One: Register an Account at W88 Casino and Make a Deposit

Submitting an account registration is required to compete for real-money payouts at W88 Casino. All information provided during the account registration is verified by the Philippines Amusement & Gaming Corporation. Therefore, it’s imperative that punters provide accurate details regarding their citizenship and location in Malaysia.

After an account is verified by providing Name, Age, Date of Birth, and Address. Players are authorized to deposit via payment providers like CIMB or MayBank. After an initial deposit has been entered and confirmed, punters can begin playing Teen Patti from the “Games Category” at W88.

• Step Two: Start Playing Teen Patti by Wagering RM1

Players are permitted to wager anywhere from RM1 to RM250 in Teen Patti. It’s recommended that to maintain a consistent bankroll, punters wager between the amounts of RM10 to RM25. This amount prolongs the valuation of bankrolls, meaning additional payouts can be obtained through smaller wagers.

Players can also maximize their bankroll by acquiring the RM600 100% Welcome Bonus at W88 Casino & Sportsbook. This promotion will enable punters to have an additional RM600 in their bankroll, meaning wagers can be extended by a significant amount.


Congratulations on completing our beginner’s guide to Teen Patti at W88 Casino. Anyone interested in playing Teen Patti are welcome to follow our link to W88. By following this link, you’ll be prompted to register an account.

Once the account is verified, accessibility of Teen Patti is immediate, but a good starting point would be to play the demo version, as this allows you to become comfortable with how the game is played. It is also the perfect method to train yourself while also building a formidable betting strategy.

Now that you have read our Beginners Guide for Teen Patti, you can sign up at W88 Casino & Sportsbook today and receive a W88 Welcome Bonus up to RM600 on your first deposit.

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