Beginners Guide for Auto Roulette at W88

Registering an account with W88 Casino & Sportsbook opens players to an entertaining yet lucrative experience, as new members can inquire about the 20% Welcome Bonus. This promotion can be utilized towards numerous games, including Automatic Roulette at W88 Live Casino. Anyone that participates in Automatic Roulette will have the potential to trigger significant payouts. Moreover, unexpected withdrawals could be made from your bankroll.

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However, understanding the requirements involved to playing Automatic Roulette is needed for novice players. Therefore, a beginner’s guide has been provided below to educate new players on the betting mechanics & gameplay requirements for Auto Roulette. Additionally, explanations are provided on how Auto Roulette is access at W88 Live Casino. For more information, continue reading.

How to Access Auto Roulette at W88 Live Casino

There are various fundamentals that players must follow to participate in Automatic Roulette. For example, Automatic Roulette is played with a board that’s numbered between 1-36. It’s essential that punters become acquainted with this board to understand the available betting options. Otherwise, they will maintain a significant disadvantage against the random number generation. Fortunately, learning about the roulette board isn’t difficult. In simple terms, players are required to wager on numbered positions by implementing bets like the Corner or Split.

Before players can place these wagers, registering an account at W88 Casino & Sportsbook is needed. The procedures involved with creating an account is straightforward, as players must provide their banking details and personal information. Those details will be verified by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, meaning that falsified information will result in unverified accounts being terminated. It’s imperative that players provide the correct information needed to ensure their account is verified by PAGCOR.

In order to access Automatic Roulette at W88 Live Casino, players are required to follow these five steps:

• Visit W88 Casino & Sportsbook and choose to create an account by selecting sign up in the menu.
• Provide your personal information and banking details to have the account verified.
• Select your preferred payment method for depositing & withdrawing purposes.
• Navigate the menu to select W88 Live Casino. Click on Club Massimo to locate Auto Roulette.
• Pick the amount you’ll be wagering. It’s required that punters bet the minimum of RM5.

It’s advised that players review the betting options and payout valuations before betting on Automatic Roulette at W88 Casino. Below you’ll locate a beginners guide into the payouts & wagering options, with additional information provided on demo-based versions of Automatic Roulette.

Betting Options and Payouts for Auto Roulette

Beginners should know how much they’ll earn when triggering a payout. In most circumstances, payouts at 1:1 Odds. That’s based on players wagering on Singles, Reds/Blacks, or Odds/Evens. But there are instances where payouts can reach 35:1. We’ll explain more down below. For now, review out guide into the payout odds and wagering limits with Automatic Roulette.

• Straight: Maximum Bet of RM10 – 35:1 odds.
• Split: Maximum Bet of RM100 – 17:1 odds.
• Street: Maximum Bet of RM150 – 11:1 odds.
• Corner: Maximum Bet of RM200 – 8:1 odds.
• Line: Maximum Bet of RM300 – 5:1 odds.
• Columns/Dozens: Maximum Bet of RM500 – 2:1 odds.
• Red/Black: Maximum Bet of RM1000 – 1:1 odds.
• Odd/Even: Maximum Bet of RM1000 – 1:1 odds.
• Singles: Maximum Bet of RM1000 – 1:1 odds.

Inside Bets

Experienced players favor Inside Bets with Automatic Roulette. There’s a greater likelihood of triggering payouts when interacting with the Inside Bets. Moreover, payouts can reach 17:1 to 35:1 Odds when selecting an Inside Bet.

• Straight: Select 1 number on the roulette board.
• Corners: Select 4 numbers that corner the roulette board.
• Trio: Select the 0 and 2 additional numbers to wager the Trio Bet.
• Basket: Select the first x4 numbers on the roulette board.
• Split: Select 2 numbers on the roulette board, must be adjacent.
• Street: Select 3 numbers on the roulette board, must be adjacent.
• Six Line: Select 2 numbered lines on the roulette board, must be adjacent.

Outside Bets

Just because inside bets are favoured over outside bets doesn’t mean they can’t be profitable, as wagers like the Column can award 2:1 Odds. However, in most cases, outside bets payout 1:1 Odds.

• Colors: Bet on red or black numbered positions.
• Columns: Wager on any column located within the roulette board.
• Dozens: Wager on the first, second, and third half of the roulette board.
• Even/Odds: Wager on even and odd numbered positions.
• High/Lows: Bet on numbers located within the roulette board’s first or second half.

Researching these betting options can be beneficial for various players, as an increased understanding over the betting options can be maintained. We recommended that interested players participate in a demo-based version of Automatic Roulette. Numerous third-party websites offer demo-based versions of this game, which allows punters to maximize their understanding of inside and outside bets. It will also enable players to have increased confidence when betting with real-money for the first time.

Three Guidelines for W88 Auto Roulette

There are guidelines players should follow when playing Automatic Roulette at W88 Casino. These guidelines are created to assist punters in their acquisition of payouts. However, guarantees are never provided to consumers. It’s possible for anyone to maintain losses, but those losses can be negated by implementing various techniques in W88’s Automatic Roulette. As you’ll see below, one technique includes the usage of strategies. By implementing these strategies, punters can increase their chances at trigger payouts. Therefore, the acquisition of payouts depends on the competitive advantage of educated players in Automatic Roulette.

• Rules: As previously mentioned throughout this guide, understanding the regulations associated to Automatic Roulette is essential to competing for valuable payouts. Therefore, we recommend players review the gameplay requirements involved to Automatic Roulette before competing. For instance, minimum wagers are listed at RM5 in Auto Roulette.

• Strategy: It’s recommended that players accelerate their probability of triggering payouts by implementing various strategies into Automatic Roulette. For instance, the Martingale Strategy is known to be beneficial for Auto Roulette. However, players are competing against a random number generator. This means that payouts are randomly awarded in Auto Roulette. There isn’t any guaranteed method of altering the system.

• Bankroll Management: W88 Casino & Sportsbook recommends that players create an independent bankroll. This will allow punters to circumvent their entertainment funds from utility finances. It’s also suggested that once players exceed their bankroll, they don’t deposit until the following month. This ensures that competitors maintain financial freedom while also avoiding the possibility of a gambling addiction.


Congratulations on finishing our beginner’s guide to Automatic Roulette at W88 Casino. You have everything needed to approach Automatic Roulette with confidence. We recommend that interested readers follow our link to W88 Live Casino & Sportsbook, as you’ll be introduced to the Welcome Bonus. The best W88 promotion available for Auto Roulette players is the 20% Live Casino Welcome Bonus. So, make your choice and create an account today. You won’t be disappointed!

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