Bai 3 Cay Beginners Guide at W88

There are literally thousands of gambling products available at W88 Casino due to parent-company Cube Ltd’s decision to partner with top software developers like Microgaming, Gameplay Interactive, and Evolution Gaming.

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When registering an account at W88 Malaysia, Malaysian players will find Gameplay Interactive is one of the most popular and the software developer responsible for powering 18 Asian-themed games in the W88 Casino. This has seen the casino adding titles like Xoc Dia, Tai Xiu, and Bai 3 Cay. This game is perfect for new players as it is identical to Live Blackjack and offers a simple yet compelling experience.

As Gameplay Interactive is known for being a reputable game provider, and W88 is licensed by Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation, that licensing agreement means that W88 Malaysia and their software suppliers are required to adhere to the regulations of that license. Subsequently, W88 and its software suppliers offer provably fair games and protect those games through the use of SSL encryption software to thwart any attempts at accessing personal player data.

As for our Bai 3 Cay guide, it will provide you with a valuable explanation about Bai 3 Cay and include information on the betting requirements, gameplay mechanics and a three-step guide is provided that explains how readers can access Bai 3 Cay after logging into their W88 accounts.

Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac Explained

Gameplay Interactive’s Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac isn’t complicated to understand, as the gameplay mechanics are constructed around Bài Cào. This means the primary objective is for punters to acquire a superior hand to the dealer. As such, gameplay with Bài Cào is similar to Live Blackjack. The exclusive difference is that betting options are more straightforward.

Therefore, Bai 3 Cay is substantially popular at W88 Casino. This has caused novice players to become interested in Bài Cào. However, those individuals aren’t familiar with the gameplay mechanics. As such, explanations have been provided below to educate readers on the betting requirements & card values of Bài Cào.

• Dealers: Virtual dealers distribute three cards to themselves and the player. Whichever party maintains the higher valued hand will trigger a payout.

• Card Value: The Joker, King, and Queen cards are removed from Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. Additionally, Aces are valued at x1.

• Betting Time: 25 Seconds is provided to players for wagering purposes. Players must implement their wager within this timeframe to qualify for any payouts.

• Betting Limit: Beginner, intermediate, and professional betting limits are placed into Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. It’s recommended that novice players select the beginner level.

• Betting Odds: Payouts are distributed at 2:1 Odds in Gameplay Interactive’s Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. Prizes are doubled up whenever won.

How to Access Bai 3 Cay

W88 Malaysia maintains a straightforward and direct menu that allows players to access their preferred games within seconds. The same applies for Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac, as Gameplay Interactive and W88 Casino have prioritized Bài Cào within their menu. However, accessing this game isn’t possible unless an account is created. Fortunately, explanations into the registration and depositing process at W88 Casino is provided below.

• Step 1: Visit the W88 Homepage

Registering an account at W88 Casino & Sportsbook is elementary, as simplistic details regarding your character must be provided. The details that must be entered include the name, date of birth, email, number, and address of said player. It’s recommended that readers enter the correct information, as Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation will verify your credentials.

Once accounts are verified by PAGC,  players are free to make their initial deposit into their W88 Casino accounts. This will require they choose one of the various payment options, with “Direct Bank Transfers” is highly recommended. This will allow them to deposit to their accounts using prominent institutions like Hong Leong, CIMB, HSBC, or Maybank. Bear in mind, registered members must deposit a minimum of RM30 after they have chosen their preferred payment option. Once that deposit is confirmed, players can then navigate to the “Games” section, and click on Bai 3 Cay.

• Step 2: Select your Preferred Table and Choose a Betting Limit

Previously, we had mentioned that three wagering levels are introduced into Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. These levels are positioned as betting limits, with players being required to choose their preferred option. It’s recommended that novice players select the beginner level, as wagers between RM1 to RM250 are required.

Once those punters have acquired confidence in their Bài Cào skillsets, it’s suggested they move towards the intermediate level, as maximum wagers can be increased to RM500. However, punters should avoid the professional level of betting unless they’ve mastered their talents in Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac, as wagers are listed between RM5 to RM1250.

• Step 3: Start Betting

After selecting your preferred table, players can begin wagering within Gameplay Interactive’s Bai 3 Cay – Mien Bac. Quickly on, punters should realize that Bài Cào is uncomplicated & straightforward. This should provide players with the confidence needed to wager within our recommended amount of RM10 to RM50. To clarify, these wagers should reward payouts at RM20 to RM100. It would be incredible to regularly double up on RM50 Bets, wouldn’t it?

That said, if you decide to use our guide as a tool before playing Bai 3 Cay, you can claim one of the two following promotions when making your first deposit that are available to all first-time depositing players. Those promotions include:

• RM150 W88 Live Casino Welcome Bonus

• RM600 W88 Slots Welcome Bonus

• RM600 Welcome Bonus

However, as Bai 3 Cay is a non-live game, the suitable option of the three is the RM600 welcome bonus, as this bonus allows you to use it to play Bai 3 Cay and a variety of other similar games under the “Games” category.


Since Gameplay Interactive launched Bai 3 Cay, unexpected popularity has been generated around this game. It’s most popular in the region of Malaysia, with an estimated 300+ players per day. This means that anyone that has read through this guide will now have the knowledge needed to play Bay 3 Cay with confidence. Therefore, why not click the link below and sign up today!

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